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23-04-2007, 08:23 PM
Tinguinha Presents The Extreme Open Guard DVD: a review by Carl Fisher

After reviewing the first series of open guard DVDís by Tinguinha, it seemed that the open guard had been well and truly covered by one of the gameís foremost authorities on the subject. As usual, I was wrong.

In conjunction with Fightlife Productions and back again with Gustavo Machado, Mauricio Mariano has produced possibly the ultimate DVD for the open guard; forward thinking in its approach to the subject matter, the DVD is split up into four sections which takes the viewer through open guard drills in part one; open guard sweeps and submissions in part two; open guard counters and defences in part three and open guard transitions in part four.

Part one of the DVD covers drills that for the most part have been created by Tinguinha himself; hip escapes, wall hip movement, guard repositioning, sitting up guard movement are just some of the drills on offer and are covered in great detail by Tinguinha. The drills can easily be incorporated into any warm up regardless of whether you are Gracie Barra or Machado and the hip escapes contain one extra detail and believe me it makes one hell of a difference to your open guard game. The drills can be practiced either on your own, or with a training partner, especially the guard retrieval drills and just this part of the DVD alone will have you drilling out for the rest of your jiu jitsu days.

Part two moves into the techniques that has made Tinguinha famous the world over Ė open guard sweeps and submissions. Tinguihna presents a mixture of nineteen sweeps and submissions including omoplata and triangle from the butterfly guard; sweeps hooking the arm; leg sweeps; arm bars from sitting up guard and for the more advanced and daring an exquisite reverse helicopter sweep with one leg standing. None of these techniques have been included in his previous DVDís and vice versa and will have you itching to try them out in class, which is exactly what I did and managed to do the reverse helicopter sweep. If I can do that one, then hell, anybody can do it!

Part three deals with counters and defences and is packed with eighteen chapters of technical wizardry; at the start of each technique Gustavo Machado performs a specific pass, whereby Tinguinha demonstrates the sweep or counter. Techniques include controlling the knee sweep; reverse when opponents starts getting side control; countering the arm under the leg pass; triangle guard repositioning; escaping the leg control and a number of the techniques end up with a submission thrown in for good measure. Again, none of these techniques have appeared in previous DVDís and give a well rounded review on how to defend open guard attacks from various positions.

Part four rounds off the DVD with open guard transitions and covers the many different versions of the open guard and how they can be combined in your open guard game. Tinguinha introduces open guards such as the cross guard, x guard, spider guard and butterfly guard and explains how to keep these guards in operation and then covers transitions such as cross guard to x guard; spider guard to x guard and spider guard to sitting up guard to name a few. In this part, Gustavo starts to mount an attack with Tinguinha in one form of open guard and culminates in Tinguinha moving to another form of open guard as a defence. From the positions shown, one can easily use a sweep or submission from part two to finish off your opponent and head on up to the winnerís podium.

Sixty techniques. Four sections. Three and a half hours long. Japanese commentary available. Students and instructors alike are spoiled for choice with this DVD. This is the most comprehensive DVD on the open guard out on the market today and is backed up with the skills of Jason Morris on production and editing duties. The DVD can be a useful aid when struck down with injury and can also be utilised mat side with the help of your laptop, bringing Tinguinha and the fruits of his extensive knowledge direct to your academy.

Future releases from Tinguinha include ultimate back attacks and the turtle position: escapes, counters and submissions, as well as a new release from Gustavo Machado, escapes and counters.

More information. More knowledge. Equals better jiu jitsu.

Watch this space for more reviews!

The Extreme Open Guard is available from www.tinguinha.com www.fightlife.com and www.jiujitsushop.com

Carl Fisher can be contacted via thefightingphotographer@hotmail.co.uk

24-04-2007, 10:23 PM
Nice one. Thats well good.

03-05-2007, 05:25 PM
Are there any Uk ditributors of this DVD ?

04-05-2007, 02:52 PM
Not that I know of, I am trying to get some DVD's ordered from the man himself.

Drop me an email at barrapendle@hotmail.co.uk