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strike & submit
24-04-2007, 08:36 PM
Dale Dargon (WVT) DEFEATED Paul "Deathwish" Hartley (Team Viking). 58 sec Rnd 1 Armbar

Dan Kennedy (Mayfair MMA) DEFEATED Chris White (Team Viking), 13 sec Rnd 1 Armbar

Christopher Spang (Hilti NHB) DEFEATED Kevin Campbell (Team Viking), 1min Rnd 1 Guilotine

Paul Carr (Combat Forum) DEFEATED Greg Letch (Doncaster), 3min59sec Rnd 1 Anaconda Choke

Steve Martin (Tokon Academy) DEFEATED Chris McIntyre (Team Viking), Decision

Chris Scott (Combat Forum) DEAFEATED Steve Stringfellow (Team Viking), 43sec Rnd 1 Armbar

Andrew Fisher (Spartan MMA) DEFEATED Mohammed Islam (Gracie Barra Birmingham), Decision

Martin Wilby (Gracie Barra Doncaster) DEFEATED Ahad Mohammed (Gracie Barra Birmingham), 4min33sec Rnd 1 Rear Naked Choke

Greg Loughran (UFR Fight Team) DEFEATED Arran Barrow (WVT), 1min29sec Rnd 1 Triangle

Kevin McAlonan (UFR Fight Team) DEFEATED Navid Yousefi (Hilti NHB), 1min32sec Rnd 1 Armbar

Les "Hollywood" Ojugbana DEFEATED Paul Hopkins (Gracie Barra Birmingham), 1min48sec Rnd 1 Ground & Pound

Colin "The Big C" Robinson (UFR Fight Team) DEFEATED Dave "Unpredictable" Wilson (Team Viking), 1min9sec Rnd 1 Ground & Pound

Per Eklund (Hilti NHB) DEFEATED Dave Metcalf (WVT), 3min26sec Rnd 2 Kimura

25-04-2007, 04:47 PM
this was a good show gutted for dave and our arran but dale done the do

Death wish
26-04-2007, 06:15 PM
yeah congrads ta dale he made fast work of me and unlucky 2 hads of fire was a class fight and fishers fight was class well done and unlucky 2 the rest of team viking and unlucky dave and arran