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07-05-2007, 12:10 PM
I remember this being mentioned on the old fourm , iv just got myself a mp3 player and would like to get my hand on this...any links?

07-05-2007, 03:12 PM
getta hold of a copy of bas ruttens combat conditioning- it has some gd audios. got mine on limewire i think

07-05-2007, 04:43 PM
The interval timers that were posted were a selection of intervals, tabitas etc. Some designed to go with crossfit or never gymless etc, some general - all created by someone called Beev. I've added them to a RAR file and upped them to megaupload...


There were some instructions but I can't find them... If you've any questions, just post on here and someone should be able to help!

07-05-2007, 06:33 PM
great stuff thanks, downloading now

07-05-2007, 06:51 PM
found the instructions...

Interval Audio Timer Info
Hey folks, this is Beev, I am known on the MMA.tv Forum, the Rosstraining.com Forum and the
Cage Warriors Forum. Perhaps youíve seen me on one of those forums. After scouring the
Internet for months, searching for an Interval timer that I could use for any kind of Interval
workout I wanted, I came up with nothing, apart from one or two extremely expensive and bulky
timers that are not really practical (unless you are always next to a power supply every time you
workout which I am not!). I finally gave up and tried my best with the old "watch the clock as you
train approach" which just isnít practical, and takes away your focus from your workout to a
certain degree.
I noticed a on a few forums, during discussions about timers, that some people were making
there own audio timers on a PC. After a few mentions, and a recommendation, I downloaded a
copy of Audacity (freeware audio editing program, Google it!), and started to fart around with it,
after about a week of experimentation, I started creating my own timers, and now, here they are,
a bunch of timers that I generally use for my conditioning workouts! No doubt as more and more
ideas come up I will be building additional timers to accommodate!
All I have to use now is an mp3 player (I got some Samsung player off eBay pretty cheap!) and
all is good, I can load whatever timer that I need for my workout, and hey presto, I am all set!
All timers start with 10 seconds silence, so you have 10 seconds before each workout to get
yourself ready!
Crossfit - Fight Gone Bad
This workout comprises of 5 Minute rounds with 5 exercises performed for one minute in a
circuit, the circuit is repeated for 3-5 rounds (Audio file is 5 Rounds), with 60 seconds rest in
between! At the beginning of each round, Big John McCarthy will ask if you are ready! After that
you will hear a beep at the start of every minute, until the end of the round where you will hear a
horn sound to signal the end of the round! Crossfit use the following Circuit for Fight Gone Bad:
1 Minute of Wall-ball Ė 20 pound ball, 10 ft target
1 Minute of Sumo Dead lift high-pull 75 pounds
1 Minute of Box Jump Ė 20Ē box
1 Minute of Push-press 75 pounds
1 Minute of Row Ė calories
This circuit is not essential however; there are a couple of great discussions at mma.tv in the
Strength & Conditioning forum on exercise alternatives, like more MMA specific movements.
Crossfit Ė Tabata This
This timer comprises of 8 Tabata Intervals (4 min Total), with 60 seconds rest in between each
round. The exercises used by crossfit are Squats, Pull ups, Pushups and Sit ups. This isnít set
is stone you can use your own exercise selection!
Metabolic Meltdown
This is a timer based on a Tabata workout courtesy of Steve Maxwell! You perform 1Tabata (20
seconds work, 10 seconds rest) of Snatches (Right arm), Pull-ups, Snatches (Left Arm) and
Dips. That is 2 minutes work, repeat that 12 times, totaling a 24 minute workout! Itís a beast of a
workout to say the least, one of the hardest I have ever done!
Minute Drills
There are 3 Minute Drill Timers that are 2-3 minutes in length, the first one is 6 2 minute rounds
with 60 seconds rest in between, a bell will sound for the beginning and end of each round, with
a whistle every 30 seconds to indicate a new interval. The second timer follows the same
format, but with 3 minute rounds. The final timer is the same again, only this time there is only
30 seconds rest in between rounds!
Tabata Novice
This was the timer I made when I first tried Tabataís! I found the 8 intervals to be near Puke
inducing, so cut back to 6 rounds as opposed to 8. In his report, Dr. Izumi Tabata recommends
6-8 rounds so I thought it would be a good idea to cut back. Some people are fine with the 8
intervals, as I am now, but for the people that are not, this is an ideal starting point. This timer
lasts for 3 minutes, giving 6 rounds of Tabatas!
Tabata Hybrid
This is one I got from Ross Enamaitís Infinite Intensity book. The workout lasts for 6 minutes
and the exercises are Burpees, Pull ups and Squats, performed for 1 Tabata each. This
sequence is repeated four times for a total of 12 Tabata Intervals!
Infinite Intensity GPP#1
Taken from Ross Enamaitís Infinite Intensity book, perform Burpees, Jumping Jacks, High Knee
Dumbbell Press and Shadow Boxing for 30 seconds each, and repeat 5 times for a total of 10
minutes! Exercises are not set in stone, you can mix it up and even use weighted exercises, or
use the 30/30 protocol (30 work/30 rest!) with this timer!
Infinite Intensity Sweet 16
Got this from Ross Enamait's book Infinite Intensity, it involves performing 32 Tabatas back to
back without a 60 second break after each exercise. The exercises are Punch outs (throwing a
1-2 or similar combination continuously as fat as possible!) followed by Squats followed by
another round of Punch outs and finishing off with, Push ups! If you donít have a Punch bag
handy, you could substitute with hard shadow boxing or use a light Iron Woody Band (which is
what I do!).
Crossfit have a workout following the exact same structure to this, which they called Tabata
Something Else. In this workout, you would complete 32 tabatas where the first 8 intervals are
pull-ups, the second 8 are push-ups, the third 8 intervals are sit-ups, and finally, the last 8
intervals are squats.
Never Gymless #ICT 1 (No Excuses!)
This workout is taken from Ross Enamaitís Never Gymless book. Its also been mentioned in his
newsletter as the No Excuses Workout. The format is four rounds of Burpees, Pull ups, Squats
and Pushups. Each exercise is performed for 60 secs (round 1), 45 secs (round 2), 30 secs
(round 3) and 15 secs (round 4). There is no rest in between rounds.
Takus Intervals
Taken from the famous (to MMA.tv S&C forum members anyway) Takus Interval program,
these timers follow the Interval Times illustrated in the article! It can be found here for more info:
UFC Tabatas
Speaks for itself really, 10 Tabataís (totaling 5 minutes) repeated 5 times with 60 seconds rest in
between each round! Alot of MMA fighters use this protocol. I have heard of fighters that spend
rounds focusing on Bag work (Boxing, knees, you name it!), Takedown defense and Ground
and pound amongst other things.
One of the most savage workouts of all!
All timers made by Beev, email at beevmma@gmail.com for more info!

07-05-2007, 07:03 PM
sweet thanks, what software do i need for a .RAR file?

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win rar - try here...


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