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28-05-2007, 06:25 PM
Dear Friends,
My name is Renato Migliaccio & I have recently returned from Renzos academy in New York where I was preparing for the ADCC’s with great competitors such as Roger Gracie, Braulio Estima & Barral. Then I went straight up to Michigan to train wrestling with the United States olimpic educational center and compete in El Salvador The Greco Roman wrestling Pan ams. I'm 28 years old & from Brazil with a sport's science degree, a BJJ black belt under Renzo & Ryan Gracie and a Judo black belt as well.
I am hosting a BJJ Camp to be held in Guaruja (city) 40 minutes away from Sao Paulo City in August. The arriving dates will be august 2nd and departing at august 13th. http://www.trainbrazil.cfdeveloper.co.uk/home%201.html .
I intend to create a credible base in BJJ by having good basics in BJJ/Wrestling/Judo/ Gi & no Gi.
I am lucky to have had success in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Wrestling/Judo/MMA and I have studied Boxing and Muay Thai and am looking forward to sharing my experiences.
I have taught and trained extensively in England, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, & Cyprus.
My curriculum is as follows:
Jiu Jitsu:
2005 European champion
2004 Black Belt Champion United Gracie tournament (Super fight)
2004 Black Belt Champion Grapplers quest beast of the East (Super fight) 2004 Black Belt 3rd place Pan-American
2003 Black Belt Champion Pan-American 2002 Black Belt Champion Brazil 2002 Black Belt > 3rd place ( Closed Bracket ) Mundials
2004 Champion Southwest judo tournament (Arizona , Colorado , New Mexico, and Texas)
1999 Champion Brazilian college Judo tournament
Submission Wrestling:
2007 ADCC competitor
2004 ADCC Brazilian trial first round champion:
2004 Champion Grapplers quest best of the East
2003 Champion 1st Pan-American grappling Games
2003 Champion 2nd US national grappling games.
MMA: Record: 3-0-0
15/10/05 Rings Ireland Reborn
4/3/2004 MMA-Eruption
8/3/2003 Champion King of the Cage 26-Gladiators Challenge
2003 Freestyle second place at the Brazilian nationals
2004 Greco Roman second place at the Brazilian nationals
2005/2006 Greco Roman first place at the Brazilian nationals
Please don´t hesitate to ask me more questions.
Best Regards

Renato Migliaccio

29-05-2007, 01:59 PM
will you be training in england if so were abouts???

05-06-2007, 07:52 PM
Dear friend,
How are you?

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