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25-02-2003, 08:44 PM
Hi guys.

I got hold of this fight report off of Dougie. The report was written (i think by MachineFan (dude who did ians book))

Its top class and it looks like it was a cracking fight.


The Light Heavy Weight Machine

Ian 'The Machine' Freeman returns from Austria's Fight Night Championship IV victorious. Ian defended his FNC World title against the Austrian champion Gerhard Ettl in Graz, on Feb 22nd 2003.

As many of may already know, Ian has dropped to LHW and needed to test his new weight and this title defence was the one he would test his new weight at. He weighed in at 204.5lb feeling pretty good. He did mention he needs to do a little more weight training in future as he felt a little soft in his muscles. Ian said. "I was frightened to lift to many weights as I thought I may not get down to 205lb, but my muscles feel a little flat."

The Arena was held in Graz, Austria with a capacity of 3,000 enthusiastic spectators. The show was presented in spectacular array of laser lights and fireworks. Every fighter had a video clip shown of them before each fighter entered the ring, which was exciting for the crowd, but for the fighters waiting to fight at the end of the bill it was a long, long night. The show started at 8pm and Ian never fought until 2.30pm.
"I thought to myself, they must not be having the breaks as listed in the programme as the show is lasting forever, but they still had the breaks. Man I was ready for bed."

The time had arrived, Ian was called out by the promoter to make his way to ringside at 2.30 in the morning. Wayne Lascells, Ian's top student and his wife Angie cornered Ian. Angie cornered Ian as she did at UFC 38 against Frank Mir. "She is my strength. I enjoy her company. I always seem to fight better when my wife is by my side."

Both fighters were called into the ring and before the fight started a singer sang both the Austrian national anthem and the British national anthem for this world title bout. An array of lights, lasers and fireworks made the fight and the show electric.

The bell sounded for round one and both fighters touched gloves. Ettl is a south paw, so Ian decided not to rush things as he is not used to trading with left handed fighters. He threw a few tentative leg strikes and jabs. Ettl seemed a little disturbed by them. Then BANG... Ian floored Ettl with a big right hand and Ettl fell to the floor lying on his side. "I thought the fight was over there and then, but he recovered well." said Ian. You could see Ettl was having none of it and charged at Ian taking the standing clinch. As they backed to the ropes, Ian lost his footing and fell to his back placing Ettl in his guard. The crowd roared thinking Ettl had the advantage, but they were wrong. Ian got a good triangle choke, but did not quite have it sunk in as he could not pull his foot under his knee making the triangle tight and secure... Ian regained guard after a short while. There was an exchange of punches and then Ian captured Ettl's right arm and switched to an armbar. The crowd went crazy. Ettl weighing in at 220lb, but at a height of only 5' 10" made him a power house of strength and he pulled out of the armbar falling to Ian's side control. No sooner did Ettl land in side control, Ian escaped and got to his feet while clinched to Ettl. There Ian unleashed a barrage of knees and dirty boxing making Ettl hang on for dear life against the ropes. Once again the shear strength of Gerhard Ettl threw Ian to the canvas, but Ian reversed and gained side control pounding Ettl with heavy bombs... The bell sounded for end of round one.

Round two and you could see Ettl was tired. He came out his corner throwing a weak right jab and Ian shot a single leg immediately gaining side mount once again while controlling Ettl and laying in some heavy hands. Ettl had no option but to try and cover his face. This gave Ian the opportunity to catch Ettl's wrist and secure a deep kimura (keylock) to Ettl's left arm. Within thirty seconds of the second round, the fight was stopped by the referee due to submission.

Ian defended his FNC world title belt, but most importantly he fought at light heavy weight for the first time in his career and won.

Congratulations Machine!

Well done Ian!!

26-02-2003, 12:24 PM
Well done Ian, Great Report

Rob Hannis
26-02-2003, 12:28 PM
Thanks for posting that up, can't wait for Ian to start destroying all the LHWs. Well done Ian.

28-02-2003, 02:44 PM
Ian flipped him for real, nice one dude