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strike & submit
10-09-2007, 06:04 PM
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Strike & Submit proudly presents "THE ERUPTION" on the 28th October at our usual venue, Federation Brewerys, Dunston.

We have a Fantastic night of Amatuer, Semi Professional and Professional bouts including four title fights. With fighters from all over the U.K., Northern Ireland and Sweden.

The title fights include a junior amatuer title fight where you will see north east's Ryan Scope take on Ireland's amatuer champion Mattew Taylor.

The middle weight title fight sees Swedens Matti Makela take on Irish champion Rodney Moore. Both of these fighters are awesome and very well rounded so this WILL be an amazing fight.

Sunderland's own Colin Sexton will be looking to capture the Heavyweight European title against Kev 'Cabbage' Sims. Both of these guys are big heavy hitters so we could be witnessing an un-relenting brawl from these two giants. DON'T BLINK!

For the main event of the evening we see Strike and Submit's current champion Lee Doski defending his belt from Newcastles own Pete Irving. Both these seasoned Pro fighters have fought many big names, again this will be another classis match up. We see both fighters being very experienced and technically efficient. Pete Irving has trained in fighting camps in Brazil and America whilst our current champion, Doski has been training hard in spain after the winning of his title to make it damn hard for anyone to take it off him.

This Promises to be an excellent fight as all fights will be on the night!



strike & submit
14-09-2007, 09:36 AM
Fighters still wanted for this event anyone interested please send your details to lindsey.brick@ntlworld.com