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strike & submit
10-10-2007, 04:36 PM
Unfortunatley Lee Doski will no longer be fighting on Strike & Submit on 28th October 2007 against Pete Irving. Lee has had to pull the fight due to an operation he has been waiting for coming through for him on October 15th. We wish Lee a full a speedy recovery, Ourselves and Pete would like to give Lee a special thanks for giving up the Strike & Submit British Welterweight Belt still giving Pete the chance to fight for it on the 28th. Lee will however be back challenging for it again On our February show.

Pete will now take on Irish Champion Geroid McNichol anyone who was at strike & Submit 1 will most certainly remember this guy. This guy who took some considerable slams and pounding from Sweden's NHB Reza "Maddog" Madadi is one tough guy and this should make for a very entertaining main event.

Tickets are selling really fast for this event so if you havn't allready got tickets telephone Michael to reserve on 07723079173.