View Full Version : Wanted = Kickboxers at 72kg and 77kg!!!

31-10-2007, 03:28 PM
Hi Everyone
I need the following.

1.Novice kickboxer at 70-73kg (73kg = MAX) to fight 3x1.5 mins with shinpads on Low kick kickboxing. (kickboxing that allows leg kicks)

2. Kickboxer/thaiboxer at 77kg he is 1-1 (his loss was to jimmy wallhead from nottingham roughouse by TKO in round 2 )
He will either fight 3x2 mins K-1 style without knees to the head OR 3x3mins K-1 style WITH knees to the head!

If necessary this guy will fight 3x1.5 misn with shinpads or even low kick kickboxing (without knees)

The show is Friday November 23rd 2007
There has to be someone out there you have a good 3 weeks notice.