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F'da F'da
05-03-2003, 11:35 AM
My name is F'da F'da and I'm editor of the excellent new and FREE 2Excess magazine. Some of you may have seen issue 2 which covered MMA / Ultimate Fighting. The article shook-up a few of our less extreme readers who see your sport as nothing but gratuitous violence (wankers). So we're now looking for MMA fighters to interview who partake in other extreme sports apart from MMA. Hopefully, if we find anyone willing to be but under the spotlight, we will be doing further articles on MMA in 2Excess but IT'S UP TO YOU! So if you are a crossover MMA fighter and would like to be interviewed then please contact Angie:


We also need MMA events to be advertised in the magazine to make it viable for us to cover your sport. This is because we are a FREE magazine and rely on advertising revenue to pay for all our costs etc! So if you would like to advertise any events or your gyms etc then please contact Angie or Charlie:

charlie@2excessmag.co.uk / 0117 950 2806

05-03-2003, 01:26 PM
Thanks for all your efforts mate.

Its nice to see people trying to embrace and support our sport.

Id love to help out.
But as Ive yet to fight and the most extreme other sport i do is cycle up a country road with the nutters in their tractors and jeeps try to kill me on a daily basis.

Im sure some MMA dude must have done some other sport thats iffy?

(saying that, after reading how many injuries the snowboarding dude from jackass got.. im suprised no one does... Not to mention Matt Hoffman (prob spelt wrong))