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05-03-2003, 01:38 PM
I have read on one of Godders threads that the next cagewarriors event is gonna be on the 16th of march at the Ikon Night club & Casino complex in Southampton.

Is that in the Leisure world complex building?, cause if it is i,ll have no problem finding it. Is it near the train station?.

I wanna buy tickets for it before its too late. I read on the cagewarriors forum that if you joined the CW forum, you would get 5 off tickets.

And how do i buy the Fists of Fury video please?.

05-03-2003, 01:44 PM
Hi mate welcome aboard.

Just by joining you do indeed get 5 off your ticket price.
All you have to do is phone Mr Dougie at 07781 552525

Tell him your RMS (he will know who you are) and you will get your fiver off mate.

Im not too sure of the actual venue. All i know that is a nightclub.

05-03-2003, 01:50 PM
Hi Rms, & many appologies as I did recieve your e-mail & have not found time to respond.
Cagewarriors 3 is in the "Ikon Diva" night club @ liesure World in Southampton litterally opposite the Southampton train station.
And yes now that you are a cagewarriors member you can purchase your tickets with a 5 off the face value (max 2 tickets per event) You will also qualify for 10% off any cagewarriors merchandize which also includes Video Sales.

To purchase your discounted tickets or merchandize call the credit card hotline 07881 552525 or e-mail dougie@cagewarriors.com
for other payment methods?

Ticket prices for Cagewarriors 3 "Enter the Octagon" ar as follows:

Standard 20 - discount for members =15
V.I.P 40 - discount for members = 35

Video,s of previous events CWFC1 "Armageddon" = 14.99 inc p&p - 10%
CWFC2 "Fists of Fury" = 14.99 inc p&p - 10%