View Full Version : Clubs etc wanting forum section?

06-03-2003, 05:29 PM
Hi guys

Ive been thinking that there is alot of clubs, MMA/ fitness/ Weight lifting clubs, sites etc who would appreciate a good place to talk in. With decent forums hard to comeby (without popups and whats not)

If any such website/ club wants a section in this fourm (where they have full moderation of) let me know (can even do members section). I will let you do what you like within reason.

Course not everyone will be accepted, but most will be as long as they have a decent enough user base (dead forums get deleted).

It will be in your own section much like MMA or the Uncut and Raw.

It doesnt have to be MMA related, but some connection to fitness etc would be helpfull (common interests and whats not)