View Full Version : Dead to rights

06-03-2003, 09:23 PM
I got this game on PS2, it's multi format though I expect.

The graphics are a little flikcery and shaky at times and the camera gets slightly erratic but it's awesome fun. Lots of guns and fighting without having to sneak about too much.

It has an excellent targeting system that allows you to do all the usualy slow mo jumping, peeking round corners and even throwing petrol canisters which can be shot in mid air to dispense of many enemies at once.

Most levels also have little mini games/challenges and you can even use the cops sidekick "Storm" who is in fact a police dog. On the first level you have to pick locks then on the second make a girl lapdance to distract some bouncers.

The main let down is the wild camera swings and slightly shaky graphics but other than that it's pretty cool. Scenery isn't very interactive though and doesn't always look great, I'm sure if they spent more time on this smoothing out the slight problems here and there it would be a huge hit.