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11-03-2003, 11:40 PM
He is known as one of the better fighters in the world. He also enjoys his Pride Broadcaster role as he is known as "El Guapo". Bas Rutten joins us for the fast and furious... 10 questions with MMAWeekly's Ryan Bennett.

Ryan Bennett: As you look at this Pride, there are many interesting matchups. Which matchup is "El Guapo" looking forward to?

Bas Rutten: This card is great. I am probably looking forward most to the Fedor vs Nogeira matchup, but all the other ones are very good too.

Ryan Bennett: I want to get back to all the matchups, but you had to be as shocked as I was to watch a guy you have trained with in the past, Ricco Rodriguez to lose like he did in the last UFC.....Give me your impressions of that fight and have you talked to Ricco since the loss?

Bas: Yea, I haven't talked to Ricco. Yeah, it was a huge upset and a crazy fight? But you know what, it can happen to everybody, not just Ricco.

Ryan: Back to Pride, a guy Ricco used to train with- Sakuraba. Do you believe he is healthy this time around?

Bas: I don't know, I hope he is and he needs to be, because Elvis is good.

Ryan: You've mentioned it before, about "Elvis" taking on Sak, what does he bring to the table that may give Sak some problems?

Bas: Sak always does good against Jiu Jitsu practicioners. Elvis has a good ground game, can he take the fight to the ground? I mean, Sak's wrestling is very good. Elvis can also strike better then the other BJJ guys that Sak fought. We will see what happens.

Ryan: Minotauro vs Fedor, break this fight down, how do you see it going?

Bas: Fedor going for a takedown- that should be his game plan. Get top position and start punching, he is very good at that. Then again, Nogeira is the man right now. I think, Nogeira wins later in the fight. He is very well conditioned and if he can take the onslaught that Sapp gave him, he can do this too.

Ryan: We see the return of Carlos Newton to Pride. What a matchup he has in front of him in Anderson Silva. We should have a pretty good idea how good Silva is after this fight agreed?

Bas: Yeah, I think so too. Silva is already good in my book, Carlos is a wizard. Carlos better take this fight to the ground, Silva is very sharp in his striking game!

Ryan: Quinton Jackson vs Kevin Randleman, which fighter has the advantage going into this fight? Does either guy have an advantage?

Bas: I don't want to comment... both guys are my friends, it's going to be wild!

Ryan: Alright, we will be watching and looking forward to the fights this weekend. Have a good show and give my best to Stephen Quadros...

Bas: Thanks man, I will do that for sure!

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12-03-2003, 08:29 AM
Just reading through gives me goose pimples about this event!!! what a weekend its gonna be.