View Full Version : How to make MMA more popular - My solution

30-04-2003, 01:37 PM
If look abroad it's easy to see why MMA has been able to attract a lot of fans and grow so easily. I will explain my theory:

In America they have a strong interest in wrestling be it collegiate or olympic and in Japan it's pro-wrestling. You get a lot of well known wrestlers in America competing in the UFC which gains interest. Then in Japan you get MMA on pro-wrestling shows and they let pro-wrestlers compete in MMA.

Therefore the most popular combat sport in this country is boxing and some how we need to use that to promote MMA.

Maybe stick some MMA fights on the card of a boxing event or get some famous boxers to compete or at least promote MMA. If boxing fans saw some MMA during a boxing event I'm sure it would interest them, especially if a well known boxer was fighting.

30-04-2003, 02:12 PM
Yeah thats a good idea, but i can't see it happening cos.

1. Boxing promotors aren't gonna wnat to promote an event which threatens their business.

2. Crossing over sports/genre doesn't always work. Look how negative WWE fans were with Shamrock and the dreaded Brwl for all fisaco.

3. The ingorance of US fans is still amazing despite their qrestling background. I swear the UFc inports in a big buch of hillbillys to each show. The crowd at UFC 42 were very poor and i think it shows that the Zuffa have a lot still to do.

On the up side, there were a lot of non-mMA folk at cage rage 2, maybe it was to do with the fact it was at boxing venue. But a lot of the people near me, looked like newbies.

30-04-2003, 05:10 PM
Continuing with the idea of crossing sports genres, why not show some MMA during half time at a top football match.

What do you think Andy Gray and monkey man Mr Keys would say about that?:D