View Full Version : has anyone seen the film "Cube"?

Hywel Teague
02-05-2003, 01:04 PM
its quality, a very progressive sci-fi film, shot on ultra low budget but brilliantly devised.

well, i bought Cube 2: Hypercube the other day, and it fucking rocks!!!!! :rock:

get it. its great :)

Chris Kerr
02-05-2003, 01:37 PM
but Doc, why was the cube there?? ;)

Hywel Teague
02-05-2003, 01:41 PM
good question- watch the second one and it becomes a little clearer :)

Chris Kerr
02-05-2003, 01:45 PM
SOLD!! :D u da man Doc Oc!

06-05-2003, 07:21 PM
Saw the first one at a local indy cinema when it first did the rounds, excellent.

Never bother seeing the second one though as I figured it'd be a crappy cash-in.


Hywel Teague
06-05-2003, 09:31 PM
i was worried it might be a cash in but belive me, the effects are top notch, the claustrophobic "feel" of the film is not as bad, but the wonderful way they have completely different obstacles to overcome is classy.

the beauty about the first film was there were so many questions to be answered, in this one you get the feel they maybe added slightly too much plot other than simply what goes on in the cube, but its still worth a watch.

10-05-2003, 05:28 PM
definitly liked the part in the first film when that guy gets diced by them wires. pure original, never seen that happen in a film be4 that. predator2 maybe, dont know if that was out after cube. Yeh cool film have to look out for 2.

10-05-2003, 05:44 PM
Rented Cube 2, didn't think much to it.

The idea is still strong enough that it wasn't a bad film, but it wasn't very good either. No where near as good as the original.

Thought the CGI traps were a bit wank and I agree with Doc about there being too much plot, one of the strengths of the first one was you didn't have clue was going on.

Probably worth a look for fans of the original but not exactly essential viewing.

Btw, rented Punch Drunk Love at the same time. Really enjoyed it. Very strange and I laughed out loud several times.


Hywel Teague
10-05-2003, 06:05 PM
punch drunk love is a fucking amazing film! i sawe it in the cinema (its on tape already?) and i was left feelgin all warm and nice :)

its a bit of a headfuck though. very clever.

sat there with his date.
"i just have to go to the bathroom one second".
he goes in the bathroom, smashes the fuck out of the place, busting his hand up and everything, crying and shit for no reason.
back at the table:
"what happened to your hand?"
"nothing, uh we better go"

10-05-2003, 06:34 PM
Originally posted by Dr Octagon
its on tape already?

No, but they let me have the preview tapes & DVDs :)


19-05-2003, 12:04 PM
That film fuckin rules!! I'm gonna have to go get the second one now,...well, more like FIND the second one!