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Hands Of Stone
17-01-2009, 12:39 AM
Cheers to all the guys at Tillery Combat, who let me share their dungeon with them on Thursdy.

Top session from start to finish (warm-up, cardio sweat, tech-work then rolling) and if anything grabbed me (other than Shakey, with his usual nonce tactics) it was the sense of 'fighting unit' that I got from the whole room.

There were 15+ guys crammed into a room the size of some gyms changing rooms, so if anyone ever moans to be about 'lack of facilities' or 'Well, I'd be this much better if we had this gadget/machine/fad item' they can suck my sweaty balls. Last night showed its plain thats just so much icing and frills and if theres enough people with the same amount of drive and common goal you can bring the best out of anyone, anywhere. Atmosphere, team spirit and work ethic was exceptional last night and it's left a genuine impression on me.

Cheers for the insight, guys and thanks again to Shakey for the invite up.

The Hands

Hywel Teague
17-01-2009, 01:12 PM
Sounds like the South Wales scene is thriving. My dad is always telling me about the latest person he's met who is into MMA or is training at one of the local gyms. Great stuff.

shakus maximus
17-01-2009, 06:18 PM
other than Shakey, with his usual nonce tactics
damn ive been found out again:)

thanks for the kind words Paul, really pleased to have you up for the night and our younger guys are still over the moon that they got to train with you.

every one that has a session with us says the same thing about the atmosphere and spirit at the club. i really feel we have something unique amongst the lads.

we have a poster on the wall and it says
"we fight as individuals but our strength come from being a team"
i think that says it all.
we are not the best club in the world and we dont profess to be the best fighters around, but we are commited, willing to learn and heading in the right direction.:)
see you in a couple of weeks paul.
if anyone else wants to pop up to the "Pain Pit" there are no politics or egos, and you will be made to feel welcome. class times are on our website

regards shaky

19-01-2009, 04:06 PM
PAIN PIT, where men become men, great shaky lol