View Full Version : Leigh Remidios vs Jean Silva (Cagerage 10)

21-01-2006, 11:27 AM
I,ve just seen this fight. I didnt realise they had fought eachother more than once. Only one i knew of was the one where Jean silva won by KO with a knee.

I gotta admit, Leigh was unlucky to of not got the belt from this one. The fight was ruled a draw. I think Silva was the agressor in the first round, and Remidios definently the agressor in the 3rd round. As for the 2nd round?.....i probably would of given it just about, to Leigh.

I notice Leigh at one time countered one of Silva,s attempted hip throws with the Judo technique Tani Otoshi.

I,ve also seen the Cage Rage where Mark Weir fought Jorge Riveira. In that fight i think Jeremy Bailey was unlucky too. Would his oppoinent of gotten that guilitine on properly, if he didnt hold the fence which bought him time to be able to apply the hold properly?.

One last thing........Cage Rage, get a better ring announcer please!!!!.

21-01-2006, 01:55 PM
I disagree, I have NEVER seen Bruce buffer announce Heavyweights as Middleweights and call out the wrong name for a fighter


21-01-2006, 03:22 PM
I was at the show, and I definitely think Leigh won the fight at CR10. I've heard, and this result shows, that the CR guys wanted silva to keep his belt to help them get things rolling with PRIDE, which is why he got a draw.

Pollitics should never be a factor in judges decisions.

Its hard for me to describe why i think the ring announcer is naff, but i,ll give it a go. He sounds like a guy on a theature stage trying to say his lines, but as he,s saying his lines, he,s struggling to remember what his lines were. He dosent sound fluid when he makes speaches, nor do his tones sound appropriate half the time.

Bruce Buffer is way better than the CR announcer. Bruce Buffer gets his tones right, and flows fluidly when he sais fighters stats ect.

21-01-2006, 03:24 PM
Ian Freeman is quite a good ring announcer i reckon.

Ha, when he gets in the ring, he can walk the walk and talk the talk lol

21-01-2006, 05:06 PM
The Machine would be good, but I think he is signed by Cagewarriors as their MC and will be doing most of the shows, so is unlikely to be able to work for CR too (I could be wrong here, someone correct me if I am).

Ian does do some work for Cage Rage. Cagewarriors (other some other industry/promotions) don't do exclsuive contracts with people at present and as such wouldn't stop people from earning money elsewhere.

Ian does a good job as MC and brings with him the experience of someone who has been there and done it in MMA. Cagewarriors are proud to have Ian work on our shows.

Philip Walker is a great MC IMHO. He understands how to get the crowd going, thus creating an atmosphere and he's very professional.

Phil Walker is a gentleman, a professional and a great guy too. I used to be against him "boo'ing" and talking between fights, but when we worked as a team he was excellent at Strike Force 1 and 2 and Quest.

As for the Cage Rage MC, he's a nice guy and he does know about the sport, i chatted to him in the past a fair bit and he's a good guy and i think he's suited to Cage Rage, which is a very London orientated MMA show, he fits in and i think people recogise him for that.

Like most MC's he's got his gimmicks and sayings (e.g. when the camera zooms in when he speaks and the infamous "wet your whistle" shout out) which although i might not like, he/Cage Rage must think they work. They have a right to be diffrent and if they think it's cool then good luck to them.

Blackwood on the other hand...less said the better as i beileve he is and always has been a disgrace...but Cage Rage is a London based show and if they think he's adds something...then good luck to 'em.