View Full Version : The Nature of this site - Men Only?

09-05-2003, 03:17 AM
After visiting my old mate TheEdgeMc my girlfriend decided to have alook around the site.

I think with the amount of titty licking she got a bit shocked.

She asked me what the whole fuss was with girls getting off with each other.

I tried explaining this as the reason why Twix bars are so popular.

So i want you guys to help me explain such thing.

The main reason i reckon is that its a nice relief to see some girls shakin there funky groove thangs after watching two semi naked sweaty guys grapple with each other. (does that mean when we have female matches there should be ringmen? - man that sounds gay :p)

So is this site seem to be Men Only
If so is this a good / bad thing

09-05-2003, 10:12 AM
Well it was dougie that told me 2 register on here as there weren't any specifications 2 the site, male/female fighter/non fighter so thats why i did! doesn't bother me the 2 girls business have known men long enuff 2 undastand thats wot they get off on. suppose i am liberal in that respect. i have a laff reading wot gets posted by u guys. and as 4 the men ring guys....well THAT would b choice, especially if u get the same standard of men as the women ring girls.... hell i mite even fight if i know there sum men "eye candy" 2 watch afta!!!

Rob Hannis
09-05-2003, 11:31 AM
hehehe, godders is in the doghouse.

I think the nature of MMA makes this sight male orientated as it's mainly men who fight/support MMA. The female section obviously adds more of a balance to this and female posters are always made to feel welcome.

The titty licking should just be blammed on dougie to keep your nose clean!

09-05-2003, 12:48 PM
I use the "2 good thing rule" One chick is good enough , in fact it's pretty brilliant to watch a chick having fun with herself which is 1 good thing where as watching a guy do the same thing would be horrendous and would be 1 bad thing. Normal porno watchin a guy bang a girl is just average as 1 good thing plus one bad thing works out at just normal.
However, if you have 2 chicks doing each other then thats 2 of the good thing and its twice as good and if you join in on that (known as a gold up here in motherwell, silver is watching 2 chicks and bronze is watching 1 chick) then you're rockin as you've got 2 of the good thing which works out, as you say, like a twix!! Thats the reason I use when I'm asked.
Neill Wylie