View Full Version : UMA BJJ Seminar with UMA Chief Officerr for BJJ Carl Fisher: 27th June in Llandysul

09-06-2009, 08:39 PM
The UMA's Chief Officer and Senior Officer for BJJ; Carl Fisher will be holding a BJJ Seminar on: Saturday 27th June 2009.

The Venue:
The Akai Ryun Judo and Ju-Jitsu Academy
Synod Inn
Ceredigion (Near Aberystwyth)
SA44 6JL

BJJ Seminar Begins 12.00pm midday and ends 3.00pm.

Cost: 20 per person.

BJJ Instructor: Carl Fisher.

As most of the CW Forum Members will know, Carl is a well respected and well known BJJ Practitioner, Instructor and Coach with many years experience and has trained all over the world with some of the most prominent Martial Arts Practitioner. Carl is also a Reporter and Photographer for Fighters Magazine and is a well known and trusted resource within the Mixed Martial Arts Community too. Carl's Pedigree is second to none when it comes to BJJ, and is a well known and respected Practitioner, Instructor and Coach.

His knowledge, understanding is well known, and can break BJJ down for anyone to learn and implement and/or add to your own game regardless of Style or System etc.

This Seminar is for everyone, regardless of what Art you study, if your already into the grappling and/or ground game, then you will definitely add to your game, and if your from a Striking Art, Traditional or Sporting, and of course MMA, then Carl will definitely help add to your game there too, and grade or rank is no object, whether your a Beginner or Black Belt, everyone is welcome.

To see Carl in action, you will see him on many online Video Webs etc, here is one from Carl demonstrating an Open Guard Sweep on a You Tube Video on the UMA Website: www.umauk.co.uk

To Reserve and Book your place, contact Carl: thefightingphotographer@hotmail.co.uk