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Hywel Teague
20-03-2006, 01:05 PM
1) where you most likely make a stand, fortify or hide out
Fortify, mofo! B+Q would be a good choice- although I think I'd pick a great huge shopping mall like Dawn of the Dead. You got to have some entertainment and a few DVDs with those 60" plasma TVs would keep me occupied inbetween blowing away zombies

2) what would be your first 3 things you would do
cack myself
get prepped for war
go on patrol

3) Chosen weaponary
Pump action shotgun
lightweight aluminium baseball bat
big fuck off boots with studs on

4) anything else which might make us laugh
I've been planning for this since I was 8. Seriously. Don't give stories about surviving nuclear holocausts to young kids, it warps their young minds :hmm:

20-03-2006, 01:22 PM
1) where you most likely make a stand, fortify or hide out
I would make a defensive line in ontop of a fuck off big hill, where i could have a good field of view and could spot trouble 3 miles off.

2) what would be your first 3 things you would do
Raid the local army base. Get myself some landmines, Barbed wire and a few gattlin guns just incase.

3) Chosen weaponary
Firstly I would get a Bradley tank. This has a 120mm gun and Tow missiles. This would be ideal for zombie clearance, with enough room to pick up some mates (Id want the EdgeMc in any zombie crisis), shove a plasma in the back and hold enough ammo, porn and DVDs between Subway liberation.

When shopping outside my tank, id have a good old Sig Automatic rifle with a scope (think Ronin). So i can snipe or go full auto in those intimate moments.

4) anything else which might make us laugh
I would tour the country in my tank reclaiming back the Subways from the zombie goths (yes a few hundred non zombie goths will die, but who can tell the difference). For when i have to repopulate the land with my love juice, i need to have all the nutrition found in the vast Subway menu.

20-03-2006, 02:12 PM
1) where you most likely make a stand, fortify or hide out.
My DHL building. It has everything needed to survive, drink, food,sofas, backup power suply, CCTV every inch of building (apart from toilets) TV, Projectors, DVDs etc. Forklifts plane pullers pickups and aeroplanes for vehicles to do nightly raids on local amenities / rescue missions. Plenty of Diesle for power and bombs / protection. Plenty of power tools, spot welder etc. Everyday would be like christmas (with all the packages to open and claim.) only one secure entrance and a high tower for snipeing. Oh and lets not forget the CUSTOMES CONFISCATED cage ;)

2) what would be your first 3 things you would do
2a) Comandeer a lorry (17tonner should be fine)
2b) Check if family & Freinds were still alive (try phoning and going round to houses) rescue anyone (let them in back of truck, definatly not in front cabin with me.) who is obviously not a zombie.
2c) Go 'shopping' for canned foods, bottles water, bats clubs and weaponry

3) Chosen weaponary
If i had to limit it to three i would choose
Samurai sword
machine gun with plenty of rounds

4) Billy Connerly in New York is my tip!

20-03-2006, 02:49 PM
1) where you most likely make a stand, fortify or hide out
2) what would be your first 3 things you would do
Find Zombie Dougie, steal his Chain
Find zombie women (that are hot to other zombies) and Pimp them
Relex and watch the Zombie s roll in

3) Chosen weaponary
Back of my hand

4) Zombie director 'scorcese' would make a film about me and call it "Porn of the dead"

21-03-2006, 09:43 AM
Godders; A hill FFS man what are you thinking, a hill is the last place I would be your open to the elements and an all around zombie attack sure you will be able to see them...see them comin for your ass and not being able to do nowt about it, the hill would be good however as you explained if you could fortify it first with mines but remember zombies dont learn just because theyre mates blow up on a mine dont mean that they will stop coming they will all just keep coming at you until all your mines have gone they they will clamber over each other to get over your Barbed Wire and then eat your sorry arse as you use the last of your ammunition also where you gonna store food.

Did you forget on this hill i had a tank and gattling guns?
Who would kill said zombies and thus creating a dead zombie wall.

Food is kept inside the tank and when i run out, like i said i use said tank to liberate subway.

And lets not forget, hill is away from people. Means zombies eat everyone else first and all starve to death before they get to me. Thus the subway liberation for both food and fun (killing zombies rocks).

21-03-2006, 10:06 PM
that's scary, it seems like you have put ALOT of thought into this, like you have been planning it alot longer than this thread has exhisted

ZOMBIES...... EVERYWHERE........................ :ninja:

22-03-2006, 05:46 PM

28 Days later for 3.99 with free delivery. :D

07-04-2006, 09:37 AM
OMG :disappoin