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26-04-2006, 12:50 AM
we need british rapid response strike force squads with stab vests, heavy high volt electro batons, dogs and high irritant chemicals to tackle this culture. If people knew they were gonna get a heavy shoeing for doing this sort of shit I'm sure they'd soon stop, either that or they would pretty soon all die. I believe that britain is overpopulated as it is and this sort of scum needs eradicated.
This is NOT genocide, that involves people, this would be akin to slaughtering cattle in a disease crisis.

26-04-2006, 11:52 AM
I agree with billy. It's definately getting worse. Hopefully it's only a matter of time until these fucks are recognised under the terrorism act as thats basically what a lot of them do, they terrorise innocent folks.
Decent folks are often timid non-agressive people and want to get through their day without conflict but living in a city with so much scum it's almost impossible now and these antisocial bastards need removed from civilisation where they can fuck themselves up in their own presence.
I don't think I could ever raise a kid up in this society because I honestly don't see how a person can get by anymore. The poorest and most honest folk are the hardest done by the govenment. All of these batards are taking my tax money to fuel their addictions and the honest hard worker in a low paying job is getting no benefit or help when they need it and is still paying tax for the bastard who has more money, works less and is the owner of a drug/violence problem.
The violent drug culture is a drain on our nation and I personally believe that it needs stubbed out like a glowing ember in a gunpowder factory.

27-04-2006, 10:55 AM
[/QUOTE]... brrrat ... [QUOTE] is the driveby noise lol.
The boot camp Idea would sound good but would those little bastards do what they're told? Well I guess if they don't they could get locked up for disobedience or something with no playstation or drugs. I'm sure that there is more than enough money floating about to fund this sort of thing.
Maybe neutering would be a good option too sort of like if someone is that irresponsible, they should be made impotent by operation sort of like when they give someone a labotamy. Either that or give more power to the people.
Not everyone knows how to speak in the manner to get someone locked up and this is why so many of these criminals go free. I've had a couple of people locked up that I've bashed because I did it for the right reason for example in self defence or protecting another person. There was a small section in a glasgow paper about it.
I do believe neutering would be a successful way of bringing the problem under more control.