View Full Version : Master Sken joins Edojo.TV!

13-07-2010, 05:44 PM
Just confirmed with Master Sken that he will be appearing in the first edition of Edojo.TV - the new training magazine launching this Sept!

Edojo.TV is a quarterly publication online and will feature a long list of world champions and masters in many martial arts styles. Each instructor will feature in the magazine with training tips, techniques, and much more.
Also, each edition will feature a MASSIVE 3 hours of instruction videos to download! These can be played back on your pc, mac, DVD, Ipod....

What more, the first edition is absolutely FREE!!!
Just goto www.edojo.tv and register to get the first free edition this Sept.

First edition so far is set to feature...
Master Sken - Muay Thai
Braulio Estima - BJJ
Victor Estima - BJJ
Neil Adams - Judo
Emin Boztepe - Wing Tzun
Rene Latosa - Escrima
Marcelo Brigadeiro - Luta Livre
London Shoot Fighters - MMA

and more...

Sign up now to receive your first edition FREE!