View Full Version : Tactical Advice Needed In The Ring By A Tall Guy!

28-05-2006, 12:16 AM
From a shor persons perspective, :ooo: I'd say it's harder to get close whenthe taller person -

* Push opponent away when they are too close and after combinations
Pushing the opponent has its place, but this isn't something to rely on IMHO. if they are close, use footwork, angles, body movement & appropriate punches at the same time.

* Look for the clinch when opponent is in close
What type of sparring are you talking about? if it's boxing, then, really the same comment as above applies. You'd only use the clinch to rest or as a defence. If you use your punches & footwork effectively, your aim should be to keep the shorter person on their back foot.

* Get distance after throwing a combination so as to avoid letting them in close
Make sure you stay within your own distance, but just out of theirs.

Sorry if that's stuff you already know, let's see what the tall guys have to say :P