View Full Version : Savage Fight Night 3 Results

16-08-2010, 12:36 PM
1 Pro Middle Weight Weight 3x5 Minute Rounds
Josh Dennis (Independent) 0-6-0 Vs Jamie Rogers (Dogs of War) 5-1-0

Jamie Rogers beat Josh Dennis after 26 seconds of round one by guillotine.

2 Pro feather Weight 3x5 Minute Rounds
Jamie Barratt (independent) 2-6-0 Vs Mark Jones (Independent) 0-1-0

Mark Jones Knocked out Jamie Barratt 43 seconds of round 1.

3 Pro Light Weight 3x5 Minute Rounds
Craig “Bunny” Allen (Tam Mayhem) 1-6-0 Vs Joe Orrey (Dogs of War) 0-1-0

Joe Orrey beat Craig Allen after 4:10 seconds of rounds one by guillotine!

4 Semi-pro Welter Weight 3x3 Minute Rounds
Rich Anderson (Team Mayhem) 0-1-0 Vs Shane Mansfield (VTJJ) 1-1-0

Shane Mansfield beat Rich Anderson by rear naked choke after 2:15 seconds of round one

5 Semi-pro Middle Weight 3x3 Minute Rounds
James Thomas (Team Mayhem) Debut Vs Gareth Pugh (Dogs of War) Debut

Gareth Pugh beat James Thomas by tko ground and pound after 1:30 of round 2

6 Semi-pro Light Weight 3x3 Minute Rounds
Anthony "Boom" Fisher (independent) Debut Vs James “Nipper” Lewis (Independent) Debut

James Lewis beat Anthony fisher tap out due to strikes after 32 seconds of round 1

7 Amateur Middle Weight 3x3 Minute rounds
Jay Bryant (Team Mayhem) Debut Vs Shane Riley (Brotherhood MMA)

Shane Riley beat Jay Bryant at 2:56 of round 1 arm triangle

8 Amateur Light Weight 3x3 Minute rounds
Paul Rogers (Gracie Barra Swansea) Debut Vs George Crews (Dogs of War) Debut

Paul Rogers and georgedrew aftr 3 x 3 minute rounds!

9 UK-1 Middle Weight
Middo Kaafar Vs Like Moyl

Middo won tko 1.28 of round 2

10 Cage Boxing
Russel Gwither Vs Lewis Padden - exibition

Brazilian Jujitsu Exhibition
Josh Williams & Ashleigh Williams