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14-07-2006, 03:58 PM
Here's my list of 20 fighters from the French Top Team.

FTT South:

Laurence cousin ( women )
Weight : 56 kgs

BJJ World champion.
Only wants to compete in BJJ or Grappling in a ring/cage.

Jean Robert Monier
Weight : 65 – 70Kg
Pro MMA record 2-3-1
BJJ Purple belt
EVT and Jungle fight veteran

Samy Schiavo ( - 70 kg ) top fighter
Height : 1m72
Weight : 70Kg
Amateur MMA Record 4-0
Pro MMA record 6-4-0

Former French kickboxing champion.
Cage Rage, CageWarriors and GCM DOG Veteran.

Mohamed Khacha
Height : 1m80
Weight 77kg
MMA record 9-3

UKMMAC Welterweight champion, Former French Pancrase champion.

Olivier Moriano ( - 56 kg )
Weight 56 – 60Kg
MMA Record 0-1-0

San Shou European champion
GCM DOG veteran.

Ludovic Pereira ( - 77 kg )
Weight : 77kg
MMA record 0-1

Laurent Bonnafoux ( - 84 kg )
Weight 84Kg
MMA record : 3-5-0

Went to a decision with Pierre Guillet, I won't argue about judges.

Kamel Nacer ( -70 kg )
Weight : 70Kg
MMA record 1-1

Lamour Louis
Weight : 70Kg
MMA record 1-1

Cedric Honoré
Weight : -70Kg
Height : 1m74
Age : 20
MMA Record 1-0

Laurent Colombeau
Weight 93 kg
MMA record 2-1-0

FTT Paris

Nayeb Hezam
Weight : 62 - 66 kg
Height : 1m72
DOB: 27/10/79
Amateur MMA Record 11W-1D-2L
Pro MMA Record 2-1-0

Frederic Fernandez
Weight 65 - 70Kg
Height 1m71
Pro MMA Record 4-3-1
Brown Belt BJJ, Multiple time Paris Grappling open champion.

Cedric Celerier
Weight -66Kg
Height : 1m 68
Pro MMA record : 1-1-0

Jerome Laulan
Weight : 00Kg
Height: 1m92
DOB : 17/11/79
PRO MMA Record 2-1
Runner up, Paris Grappling open, French police Judo champion

FTT West

Fernandez Emmanuel
Height 1m68
Weight 65 – 70 Kg
Pro MMA Record 6-2-1

BJJ Black belt, Judo 3rd Dan, Member of French Jiu Jitsu Fighting team.
Emmanuel won his first 4 fight by 1st round triangle against some of the UK's top fighters, he has a win over UFC veteran Leigh Remedios and recently lost a decision against Shooto standout Ganjo Kentsuku.

Geay Emmanuel
Height : 1m70
Weight : 65 – 70Kg
DOB : 11/2/79
Pro MMA record 2-1-0

Purple belt BJJ
French BJJ champ
Runner up Paris Grappling Open
Runner up Challenge Peroba, Luta Livre
Winner VIC grappling tournament

Coulon Yoann
Height : 1m79
Weight : 70Kg
DOB : 9/3/81

BJJ Blue belt
3rd place french Full contact kickboxing championships

Judes Samuel
Height : 1m71
Weight: 70 kg
DOB: 26/5/79

BJJ blue belt
Runner up copa stone luta-livre (brésil)
3rd French BJJ championships
Runner up, Peroba Grappling challenge (Luta Livre)
Runner up VIC 2 Grappling tournament

Mickael Slomzynski
Height : 1,80
Weight : 77Kg
DOB : 22/5/76
Pro MMA record 0-4-0

BJJ blue belt
Pro thai boxer
European combat complet Grand Prix winner
Winner lutte contact international open

Ludovic Perez
Height 1m80
Weight 77Kg
DOB : 25/09/76

BJJ Blue Belt
Strike and Grappling championships
French Sambo Championships, winner
Runner up, French Submission grappling cup
Runner up, Peroba Grappling challenge (Luta Livre)

14-07-2006, 06:21 PM
Excellent thread,

I would suggest asking Godders if he can create a sticky thread somewhere for people to enter thier details & availability to fight. Would definately be a great help to all us promoters, as there is so much talent out there waiting for opportunities to shine.

17-07-2006, 04:41 PM
you missed stevie kerr dude 2-0 amatuer (i think)
il post the ninja one later

25-07-2006, 04:00 PM
The German Top Team has currently the following fighters available:

- Daniel Ackerman, -70 kg
- Franco DeLeonardis, -70 kg
- Philipp Schade, -77 kg
- Peter Angerer, -77 kg
- Vlajko Perovic, -84 kg
- Thorsten Kronz, -120 kg

and also a few Pro/Ams:
- Niels Schlägel, -77 kg
- Bruce Kiraa, -77 kg
- Tareg Hossieni, -77 kg
- Markus Hipp, -120 kg

More infos can be found at www.german-top-team.com

28-07-2006, 09:22 AM
Not working for me, goddam bigots only want English fighters on their show <--- That's a joke by the way


12-10-2006, 02:53 PM
The Hilti Nhb academy in Sweden has currently the following fighters available:

- Navid Yousefi -65kg
- Tchavdar Pavlov -65 -70kg
- David Lejenäs -61 -65kg
- Erhan Kucukgöl -70kg
- Reza Madadi -73 -77kg
- Piotr Jakakalzynski -84kg
- Papy Abedi -84kg

feel free to contact me at Manolakis69@hotmail.com or

In case people don't realise Hilti is also the home of top Welterweight contender Deigo Gonzalez and is a top place to train

12-10-2006, 06:51 PM
Finally another team with mostly little guys, can some nice promoter set up a FTT V Hilti team challenge :D


12-10-2006, 08:13 PM
shame it can't be done it sweden or france :/

16-11-2006, 03:47 PM
The Dinky Ninja Fight Team

Pro Fight Team
John Nicolson -77kg
James Doolan 61.2kg-65.8kg
Andy "Scorpion" Snape -77kg 2-1
Paul "Metabolic" McVeigh 61.2kg
Willie McCracken 2-0 77kg
Dean Robertson 1-0 84kg
Garry Christie 1-0 106kg

Semi Pro
"Dirty" Tam Weir 73kg
Graham Afterburner turner -70kg
Danny Gray -70kg
Graham Connelly -70kg
Henry "h-bomb" Mitchell 73kg
Martin Nicolson -70kg
John Quinn -77kg
Anthony "Cougar" Thompson 73kg
Andy Mc Faul 2-0 -70kg
Pete "The Bastard" Clough 2-1 73kg
John Cullen 65kg
"Angry" Steve Mains 1-0 84kg
Stevie "the Jew" Fitzgerald 1-0 95kg

Krissy Glover 62kg

16-11-2006, 05:03 PM
oh and contact meat for fighter availability