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  1. i say the area is ok mate , the stabbing that happened last week by the mental woman and the dude getting beaten to death in Bexley Village was just down to a bad luck

    Catch you soon bruv
  2. Hey Rob,

    What brings you back this way ? , not a bad choice though as the area is still pretty ok.
    I know Keddles have MMA in North Cray , Semtex in Swanley do MMA, Dartford BJJ which is Dave Burket, 4 or 5 Boxing Gyms(Gumshield , ELtham, Bodyshots, Crayford) also Crayford Weights and Fitness (my mate trains there) is a Hammerstrength Gym , amazing for weights and conditioning.
    If none of those work for you then drop me an email or PM and come over to mine , its free, just bring your Ipod/Iphone and coffee. Even if you fancy the extra session if you come back then let me know.
    Keep me posted no how you go if you coming back this way

  3. Alright Rog, how´re things? Got a question. I might be moving back around the bexley way soon and I was wondering if their are any decent MMA gyms near there? I see a few places online but I wasnt training when I lived there last time, so I dunno if any are decent.

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