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  1. Hi Neil, seen your bit on the battel of the boarders event, i have sent them information and asked if they have experianced mma medical cover not had anythiong back as yet, see you had a good christmas and a happy new year, some fell over and hurt tham selfs hope he is ok

    Bill Ellis

    ps if you hear anything, or req any medics let me know, i am sure we can assist each other.

    here is one for you, i was asked to do total combat for 2012, he asked me this last october and if i could look at my costings, i did and sent them to him, he agreed then out the blue he cancelled and said he now has a cheep med cover....i asked him what was going on he said had cheeper offer for med cover......after agreening, i gave him a very good deal and i added 1 event for free, if he can do that i hope he has paramedics and not nurses at ring side, also private word county durhham ems are under investagation by NHS fraud and Durham police fraud officers, be careful
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