prize purse for mma amature b fighters

  1. spartan pride 300
    spartan pride 300
    To many uk mma events use amature b fighters to fill there fight cards,
    and then only have 3-4 mma pro fights.
    this means 6 out of 24 fighters on the night get paid for fighting.
    for me the risk of being injured and the 8-10 weeks training and effort put in,
    is not far off the same as the pro,s
    any thoughts from mma fighters on this.
  2. ChrisK
    Hey , I train 3-4 hours daily , left all my old gyms since I obtained my blackbelts so I can try teaching myself , realise where my own strengths and weakness's lye. But I am having trouble find any amateur or Pro events near me, can anyone give me some advice of where to look?
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