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  1. ....... I have tried to get in touch with all the people i've hurt but 99% wouldn't see me while i understand this it has been painful to indure. So i have come here hopeing my apologise will find those it's intended to.All that is left for me to say now is sorry to everyone I hurt.

    Peace and love Chaile Joseph x

    ( I had to post this in section as it was so long hope everyone gets the gist of it thanks )
  2. ....I was in the French foreign legion for many years the different was indulging in being homosexual was par for the course there were at lest 60% were participating in such behaver were at Trojan that was not the case.

    Many years have past since I owed Trojan I have become successful in other lines of work. But the way I acted back than the bullying constant manipulation of so many always sticks in my throat and somewhat soils what I have now accomplished. I'm at a place in life now were I can look back see what I have done and while I can't absolve these wrongful deeds I can at lest offer an explanation why.
    Reading though some of my old post and I saw a frightful example of what stress and personal problem can lead to i tried constantly to intimidated I used to spend hour's on posts thinking up the longest words to overshadow and to bully many on here...... (Posting more please bear with me)
  3. Now I'm not going to start mentioning individual people or some of the things I did as like I said they know who there are and what I did all I offer is a reason why.

    As well as coping with the stress of keeping Trojan a float I also had a darker personnel demons I was constantly battling. Those in the mma community who know me will all say one thing that I was a 24hr womaniser. I couldn't walk 100yds when woman were present with out constantly approaching as many women as possibly. While I wouldn't go as far as to say this was an act. I do enjoy the company of woman a great deal I will say it was more forced as I'm a bi sexual male who has struggled with this fact all my adult life. I was so conscious of this when I became so actively involved with such a male oriented sport and some of the feeling I had for my fighter I began overcompensating so no one would realize. I have always been in male oriented environments..... (Posting more please bear with me)
  4. ......Right OK here goes, for those who don't know me my name is Chaile Joseph I was founder/owner of Trojan free fighter in Cheltenham, Gloucester. I started this mma club from nothing and bought my boxing/Thai knowledge to what I saw as an exciting, evolving sport that is MMA. I put all I had and a bit more into it I mortgage my house more time than I care to remember to get the best trainers possibly to help my fighters become the best they could be. When I first started this project I think it's fair to say MMA was in it's infancy and it was hard very hard to make a living I tried as I could to keep this to myself away from the fighters and instructors I employed but the pressure was immense I soldiered on as I saw everyone at Trojan as one big family.
  5. Haven't posted on here for what seems like an age, the reason I've decide to appear now and share this close personnel info (at the risk of sounding dramatic) is to cleanse my soul. Some part of it is to offer apologize to the fighters and people I hurt on my way you all know who you are, but most of all it's for myself. I know this is the final step in my journey to became somewhat purged....

    ............... ( I have written to much so have to post this in parts, will post the next bit shortly)
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