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  1. The art of Olympic performance, by Michael Phelps

    I think of nothing. I clear my mind so it is absolutely empty of negative thoughts. When you are about to come face to face with the moment of truth, after four years of sacrifice, the last thing...
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    Mind of a champion!

    I read an article a few days ago about the swimmer Michael Phelps. I was inspired to say the least. He describes how when he was at school he was a shy outsider who suffered from (ADHD). He had it...
  3. bateman

    ive sent you a personal messgage.
  4. calsons christmas opening hours?

    Any days we are not open this christmas period? Cheers.
  5. Finger pointing to the moon!

    I finally understand what he means on this video

  6. Not getting my blue is actually the best thing thats happend to me this year.

    Today i was actually abit dissapointed because alot of people recieved there blues and the same people who recieved it i have either an equal match withe them or on a good day i dominant them. But of...
  7. key points noted! cheers When we were shown...

    key points noted! cheers

    When we were shown simular choke, i had trouble getting my hand deep in coller on label cus the floor got in way but i noticed you just lifted the head to get deep grip...
  8. Cheers bro. i like that choke (alot!) will try it...

    Cheers bro. i like that choke (alot!) will try it in training cus its very simular to the one we do in training:D
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    nice training footage

    like what he does with the swiss ball
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    The importance of drilling

    I have noticed alot of people, where i train, say that they can never remember the moves and " oh i think this is normal because it takes two years to learn that move etc" but these people you never...
  11. Great read. Cheers simon.

    Great read. Cheers simon.
  12. shocking!!!! Nasty jiu jitsu (accident)??

    Have a look at this video and i would be interested in your opinions especially from the more experianced guys. I have been in jiu jitsu for approaching a year so i may be wrong but analyising this...
  13. Olympics judo expert 'tortured debtors who owed money to 50m-a-year drugs gang'

    An Olympic judo expert acted as an enforcer for a 50million-a-year drugs gang and tortured those who owed them money, it has emerged.
    James Waithe, 47, was arrested after police attending a routine...
  14. Adapting jiu jitsu for different body types?

    Do you beleive that certain techniques/submissions what have you not work better for certain body types? I beleive that you can make any move etc work for your body type but would some work better.
  15. bjj vs karate, bjj vs kenpo with audio analyisis from roylor gracie

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    yea i know what you mean. In peackocks gym...

    yea i know what you mean. In peackocks gym canning town they have a robe on like a machine called grappler 2. After i did that for 2 mins my lats burned. I think its a good idea to have rope webs.I...
  17. After reading this has made me think why start from knees???

    Things I learnt from Chris Haueter - #1 Starting a roll from your knees isnt as useful as starting it in different positions.Most grappling clubs start sparring with both people on their knees and...
  18. jiu jitsu changes your life

    I train jiu jits because it provides a freedom from normality and calms my soul. I used to have an anger problem which resulted in me spending time in prison for g.b.h. Since i started jiu jitsu my...
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    ninja shoes

    im going to buy wrestling shoes soon for my bjj till my toes heal up abit but looking at the same webstie i saw ninja shoes and they seem perfect for bjj cus they fil around your feet toes and are...
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    wrestling shoes???

    hi guys i been told i can wear wrestling shoes to training bjj but do u know if u can wear them for competitions? i wana start wearing wrestling shoes cus i getting knocks and bumps and sometimes...
  21. goog stuff

    its funny i was just reading his j-j brotherhood concepts and tips last night. i agree he is very deep and knowlegable. I like the stuff he was teaching about the basic gi choke i have always thought...
  22. lol

    lol i know what you mean i dont mind getting owned because to me i think one day i will be like that level etc.. lol although it is funny when people get abit fustrated cus sometimes when your...
  23. dont you hate it when that happens...

    rolling with someone the other day and i could see he was getting fustrated and after said to his mates if you could punch then it would be different...

    i felt like saying if you wana punch then...
  24. belts or strips awarded after tournaments?

    just a quck one... do belts or stripes normally get awarded after winning gold at tournaments? does it depend on the tournament? the sole reason i ask is if someone kept winning blue belt divisions...
  25. ok download a u torrent or simular softwere. Go...

    ok download a u torrent or simular softwere. Go to pirate bay...type renzo should come up. Another doc u may like is felipe costa the path to success all about how he lost in jiu jitsu in...
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