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    Mate, these adjustable cable skipping ropes are...

    Mate, these adjustable cable skipping ropes are the future. I used them when Crossfit training and I've seen some fighters training with them in the gym.
    They are great. Very fast and adjustable to...
  2. Shock Doctor Mouthguards - Whats the deal with US and UK models?

    I'm in the UK, new to MMA, and I'm trying to select which Shock Doctor mouthguard is best for me. I'm just confused as US websites seem to have totally different models to the UK.

    For example....
  3. Groin Guard 2012 - Shock Doctor, Jaco or Hayabusa?

    Sorry to start up a new thread on this but all the others I've read through are a outdated now and the posts on them begin to side track off the subject.

    So its 2012, I'm a beginner to MMA and...
  4. Any recommendations for an MMA gym nearish to Wigan?

    I live near Wigan and Skelmersdale. I am interesting in taking up the sport from scratch. Therefore I'm in the process of finding a reputable gym/club, as close to me as possible, that is willing to...
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