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    Fightstars rage in the cage fightcard

    Rage in the cage, normandy hotel. Friday 27.7.12

    davy destroyer mason v mike small and mitey persil 70kg
    sweeneys gym,paisley 12 guage mma,stockport

    tony the menance lindie jr v...
  2. This show is being put on by tony lindie who has...

    This show is being put on by tony lindie who has opened a gym in paisley-sweenys gym. Tonys background is boxing. The only association with dundee guys is they are competing on the event.
  3. Fights needed for fightstars, rage in the cage.27/712. Semi pro/pro

    Looking for fighters to compete rage in the cage, normandy hotel, renfrew. Winners paid 200 and commision on any tickets, trophy. Lossers 100 and commision,trophy. Largest cage in sccotland-24foot....
  4. Fighters needed, rage in the cAge, renfrew, Scotland. 27/7/12 24 foot cage

    Fightstar promotions looking for fighters to compete in rage in cage, Normandy hotel, renfrew, just outside glasgow. Fighters paid lump sum and commission. Alex Reid presenting, grant waterman ucmma...
  5. Hi James, under semi pro rules, looking for 54kg,...

    Hi James, under semi pro rules, looking for 54kg, 85kg,90kg 70kgx2, and pro rules 77kg, let me know if you can do anything ? sorry about delay getting back to you problems with server
  6. Fightstar promotions "rage in the cage" Fight Nifht,Renfrew 27/06/12.Fighters wanted

    Fighters still needed for fightstar promotions rage in the cage fight night. Friday 27 July 2012, Still looking for 4 opponents between 54 kg and 90kg. Grant waterman, ucmma referee will be...
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