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  1. Mirror MMA: New weekly MMA roundup show (video)

    This week we launched a new regular feature we'll be running on the Mirror Online site.

    It's simply called "Mirror MMA", and it aims to round up the week's big MMA stories and talking points in a...
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    I've started a new liveblog-style site...

    I've started a new liveblog-style site specifically for British-based MMA fans. We're partnering up with a number of sites, promotions, writers and fighters in order to hopefully have a...
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    BAMMA 7 Podcast from MirrorTKO

    My colleague Rob Leigh and I recorded a podcast from cageside throughout BAMMA 7 on Saturday night.

    You can listen (or download the MP3) from here:...
  4. "Training camp is for kids" - Exclusive interview George St. Pierre

    Part 1 of a great four-part video interview with Georges St. Pierre is now live on MirrorTKO. We were granted exclusive behind-the-scenes access to watch GSP train with Roger Gracie and Braulio...
  5. MirrorTKO Podcast: Interview with Michael Bisping

    We caught up with Michael Bisping, John Hathaway and Dan Hardy this week and interviewed each of them for a trio of MirrorTKO Podcast specials.

    The first show, featuring Michael Bisping, is now...
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    MirrorTKO Podcast: UFC 113 Review

    Forgot to post this yesterday when we put this live. I'm joined by MMA fan Toby Smith and brand new MMA convert Dan Ferdinand for our latest instalment of the MirrorTKO Podcast, where we review UFC...
  7. MirrorTKO: Daley's punishment didn't fit the crime

    I've just put up an opinion piece about the Paul Daley situation. It's only my personal view, but I tend to think that, while he's obviously made a massive error and is clearly in the wrong, the...
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    MirrorTKO Podcast: UFC 113 Preview

    The latest MirrorTKO Podcast is now live on

    On today's show, Toby Smith and I discuss this weekend's televised card for UFC 113 and share our predictions for the bouts....
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    If shameless plugging is allowed, then there's: ...

    If shameless plugging is allowed, then there's:

    My personal Twitter: @simonhead [lots of football guff on there too, so be warned :D ]

    The Mirror's MMA Blog, TKO: @mirrortko
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