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    Thoughts on Lesnar vs Overeem! :-)

    Just wondering what everyone thinks of this long over due match up set to take place at UFC 141, probably will not live up to the hype but should be decent to watch anyway.

    Personally I think...
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    Thanks man I will do, just got anxious about...

    Thanks man I will do, just got anxious about throwing my right hand, and I know I'm more likley to get stuff wrong and re injure it if I hesitate with it, it's like stupid cycle really. frustrating...
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    Coming back from injury

    Hey, just gonna be straight forward, I sustained an injury about 8-10 weeks a go Thai Boxing, I was swept and caught myself awkwardly and it impacted negativley on my right shoulder. After 2 weeks of...
  4. I'm a 70kg Ametuer Fighter, not very experienced...

    I'm a 70kg Ametuer Fighter, not very experienced but I have had a couple of tough fights, and if u want me I'll fight at the event. Just need specific details. Such as weigh-in times etc
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