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  1. Thiago Alves says GSP isn't putting the belt on the line..

    the way he should be. He contends that GSP is fighting not to lose as opposed to fighting to win.

    Pretty good interview with Thiago Alves. Touches on a bunch of topics including Rick Story,...
  2. Mark Hominick says he proved Jose Aldo could be beaten

    I don't know if I would go that far but he definitely put on the best performance we have seen against Aldo.

    Really good interview with Hominick where he discusses his fight with Aldo, The Korean...
  3. Ben Askren: "GSP isn't a very good pure wrestler at all"

    Damn pretty harsh words from Askren. Although considering he is an Olympian, you have to kind of trust him.
  4. Ellenberger: "GSP will beat [Shields] with a jab and a yawn"

    Wow. Ellenberger does not think highly of Shields. But I do agree this should be an easy fight for GSP. Shields strengths just match up horribly against GSP.
  5. Bader wants Jones again, says he needs to push the pace

    Pretty cool interview from Bader. I doubt he would beat Jones but I definitely think he could be more competitive than he was in the first fight.

    He also has some good quotes on his upcoming...
  6. Rich Franklin says he knows how to beat Anderson Silva

    Granted he doesn't say he can do it, but he has a pretty solid idea of how to defeat Silva. Cool interview besides that as well. He discusses why Mazigatti sucked in the Griffin fight and he...
  7. Couture says GSP fighting Silva, "wouldn't be the smartest thing Georges did"

    Pretty true words from Captain America. Great interview with him as well. He talks about fighting teammates, GSP going after Olympic wrestling and a lot more.
  8. Couture says the JDS fight is Brock's to lose

    Pretty awesome interview with Captain America. He speaks upon Lesnar, James Toney and the his upcoming fight with Machida. His points on Lesnar are pretty spot on, especially when he talks about...
  9. Jay Hieron says Brock Lesnar was a beast; tapped Griffin

    I don't know if Hieron is simply trying to make Lesnar sound really good, but he did a damn good job of it. Submitting Griffin is no joke. Hopefully Lesnar comes back better than ever. Love him or...
  10. Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans not Until Sep/Oct

    According to Dana White. Damn that's a long ass wait. Evans is going to have been out of fighting FOREVER. Not liking his chances at all.
  11. Gilbert Melendez says he wants GSP in hypothetical scenario

    So in this Gilbert Melendez interview he gets asked if MMA were to cease to exist, who would he want to fight in one last dream matchup. El Nino said GSP.

    That's pretty telling of the legacy...
  12. Matt Hughes doesn't know why Jake Shields got a title shot

    Wow Hughes really piles it on Shields. Saying he doesn't know why he got a title shot and that GSP is gonna smash him.
  13. Replies

    Michael Bisping Apologizes!

    For what it's worth, I'm actually on his side with this one. Rivera got pretty nasty with...
  14. Chad Mendes: "I think I would kill Kenny Florian"

    Strong words from Mendes, saying he would kill KenFlo at 145. He believes he is too strong and quick for Florian. Agree?
  15. Anthony Pettis "I don't want to become friends with any lightweights"

    Pretty cool interview with Showtime. He talks about:

    - Who he thought won Edgar/Maynard
    - His thoughts on Guida
    - Earning a spot in the next UFC video game
    - Not caring about judging and just...
  16. Dunham vs. Sotiropoulos planned for UFC 132!

    Damn that's a good fight. I see Dunham taking it by being able to keep it standing.
  17. Cheick Kongo faces Pat Barry at UFC on Versus 4

    Kongo via brutal ground n pound. I expect him to get Barry done early and keep him there.,-Cheick-Kongo-to-face-Pat-Barry.html
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    UFC has signed Jon Olav Einemo

    Decent signing I guess? Einemo is kind of old, but he could still give a lot of guys problems with his BJJ. Hopefully they match him up with a guy like McCorkle or Broughton and let him climb the...
  19. Ricardo Arona would love to fight at UFC Rio, should he?

    Arona really wants a spot on the card, but he hasn't fought since a 2009 win over Marvin Eastman. Dana White is saying he needs another win before the UFC will sign him. Thoughts?
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    Jon Jones says he would fight Rashad

    So Jones has said that he would fight Rashad if Dana White really wanted it. Do you believe him? Or is he just saying this to look good to the public? I doubt they would actually fight....
  21. Strikeforce Heavyweight bouts pushed to June 18th

    Damn that sucks. At least they are still scheduled to happen. Hopefully Coker isn't lying when he said it is to capitalize on the success of the first two quarterfinals.

  22. Chris Lytle thinking retirement, fought with knee injury

    Wow. Just wow. Sad day if he actually retires. And sucks that he fought on a...
  23. Alchemist Managment calls for Bisping Fine and Suspension

    Wow scathing statements by Rivera's management team. Although...
  24. Overeem/Werdum and Barnett/Rogers OFF of April 9th card

    Wow this sucks. I was really looking forward to those fights. Hopefully the Grand Prix isn't falling apart already.
  25. Cain Velasquez doesn't think he is Number 1

    "We won't know unless we get in the same organization. Who's to say that I'm No. 1 or they're No. 1 if we haven't fought yet?"

    Pretty cool attitude for Velasquez. One of the most humble fighters...
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