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Thread: Richard and Judy

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    Default Richard and Judy

    Any of you guys catch the MMA thing on Richard and Judy?

    They had some pretty boy doctor who kept going on about how dangerous it was etc, on about headshots, damage on the brain etc etc etc

    Yet no one says anything about boxing where every single shot is to the brain. They seemed quite disapointed when they hadnt seen any serious injurys.

    The doctor replied "Out of 20 matches there has been 20 knockouts, which means at least 1 knockout each fight".
    I dare say he meant events etc.

    How many KO`s in the commonwealth boxing has their been on a per match basis?

    All in all though, i reckon they were disapointed they couldnt get it completly like a human cock fighting sport.
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    Default Good Job!!!

    I think the guys done us proud they did,nt get carried away with the moment? They had good honest clear answers, pretty much the case as we have no need to hide anything in MMA as it is a good clean & honest sport.
    Incidentally I spoke with both Dave & Jeremy moments before the show, they were both very confident and ready!! I definately think a big up is in order for our very own "Bad Boy" Bailey as he deflected a very cheap shot with a very proffessional well worded response, I never had any doubt that Jeremy would come a cross with a mature & positive approach.

    I was interested to hear from Dave however regarding a conversation he had with the doctor previous to the programme when they met back stage? Dave asked the Doctor what his grounds for concern were? The doctor calmly replied I have no opinion I was just called to the show and briefed by the producers on what it was they wanted me to say? I don,t really know anything about it and have no personal point of view as I have not researched it? This became pretty obvious on stage? Once again demonstrating the media,s cheap tricks tactics to force an opinion???

    From where I was sitting with the help of the lads MMA one its first Victory on National TV?

    Regards Dougie

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    I thought it started off badly, and to be honest i think the evolution of mma should of been explained better, and the guys shouldnt of let R and J and Doc Boy dictate the debate.

    But i think it has made sure that a lot more people will watch cage combat on thursday....BUT listerning to the intro of cage combat, i was filled with dread, as it sounded very negative.

    Hopefully that will get sorted out.

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    Default ?????

    Thought it started off bad, and was expecting a come back regarding how dangerous boxing is. But I bet the doctor would say he wants to ban that too.

    Anyone tried that web cam link above yet?

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    Default dr

    that is shocking about that doctor. it would have been more credible to out me on the bleedin show calling me a doctor!

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    Default Not too great

    I thought the slot was a bit weak, Richard & Judy seemed semi convinced at the end of it, but the main point was the doc (he was only given the titile of TV doctor) and his points, IMHO were not addressed, although Heinsight(sp?) is a wonderfull thing and considering that they didn't give them much time to talk I think they managed it fairly well.


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    Default ...

    although it was good to see this on TV and the lads did well against such presenters you had to see this coming especially being interviewed by the likes of Richard and Judy show. Maybe next time a more appropriate show\presenter(s) could be arranged for such interviews for future TV exposure.

    ps. that doctor was a trixy hobbit!.

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    For an actor Reid was very shaky but Jeremy did a great job. I dont think it will come to much, for or against as no one other than us was really interested.

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    Default Dr know fuck all

    The doctor was a gp (don't take any offence any one who is a doctor) but he is just that, a general practioner, not a specialist in head trauma or brain injuries. He was just someone rushed in who went and did his research on the '20 matches 20 knockouts'. I thought jeremy came over very well, better than alex considering alex is an actor.

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