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Thread: No Gi Competition

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    none of your fucking business


    OK, that makes sense, I just couldnt work my head around it. gutted I lost to Tom but I think I was too "safe" with me expecting him to blitz me early so I was tentative :-( his positioning was good and weight balance too. If toe-holds or sambo leglock variants woulda been allowed I would had him when I was in the upside downbody triangle

    anyway, good fun, second time I have done that event, I like it.

    I trained under Lee Hasdell's SSJ setup for 2 years and recently moved to Danny Batten / Xandinho at BTT in Bletchley.

    how bout yourself?

    Quote Originally Posted by shakus maximus View Post
    hi Lee
    i think it works like this, im sure colesy will correct me if im wrong.

    16 fighters. win and you go thru to next round. if you lose in the first 2 rounds you go back into a pool and get to fight off for the bronze. the 2 fighters who win every round continue thru to the final for 1st and 2nd.
    i fought tom in the final. if you lost to Tom in an earlier round hen that is why we did not fight,
    because every one who loses in round one or two gets the chance to fight for 3rd it usually means the winner of 3rd has had the most fights. (lucky sods)

    hope this helps
    regards shaky

    by the way where do you train mate?

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    Bloody hell, if you can go to a decision with Tom, I'll be shitting it about you coming down to Pancrase.

    erm... wanna do some boxing? LOL
    'Go read a fucking book, you piece of shit.'

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    i train at falcons martial arts in gwent south wales under heath gait.
    we have a cracking set up with a full time gym
    i had my first ever taste of compitition at one of daves kumite events many years ago at the richmond club so i try and get up there as often as possible.

    as you said earlier the standard goes up every year at the event.

    hope to see you at another event soon as after june im gonna concentrate purely on my grappling and jujutsu as im getting to old for the mma circuit, so hopefully enter a lot more events and at my proper weight as you big bastards totally exhaused me sunday

    regards shaky

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