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Thread: broken collarbone

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    Default broken collarbone

    broke my collarbone yesterday. can only type with one hand. this sucks.

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    sounds painful, did you do it training?!
    Pain is only temporary

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    Ouch! Hope you heal up soon

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    An awful injury, sorry to hear about that!
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    no. rollerblading.

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    How bad is it?

    Would it help if we stopped asking you questions requieing you to type?

    Seriously, I hope it's not a bad break.

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    Default me2

    I fractured mine back in 'nov last year,, got A permanent lump on it nowjust over the shoulder. It hurts still if you push down on it which is litteraly a pain when rolling! Thing is, I think you can stretch the ligaments where the muscle attaches to it if it doesnt heal perfectly straight and that hurts for a while. Not alot the hospital does either, unless its properly snapped. Hope yours gets better soon, you will have to watch it for a while rolling and boxing.

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    Dude hope u get better soon, injuries sucks
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    woke up this morning and I can type with two hands again!!! For short periods of time at least. after about 10 minutes it starts to hurt and i have to take a break but yeah, pretty pumped.

    and it was a clean break of the collarbone.

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