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Thread: BJJ has evolved!

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    Default BJJ has evolved!

    BJJ has evolved from the highly effective art which encompasses systems and ways that increase leverages in techniques into an entirely deadly art. BJJ has evolved people. It's time to move on to BJJ mark 2 which brings a whole new mindset to the art of groundfighting.
    In all honesty, now that i've seen what it's like, and how simple the system is,I really can't understand how we possibly didn't think of doing things this way before.
    It totally blew my mind. Here is the instructional.
    Watch this people.
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    That is the last time I come here looking for intelligent articles!

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    I've been practising that shit for years, now I just know what to call it...
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    bwahaha look like the guy just had a fit
    I love hitting people, its one of my favourite past times!!!

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    I tried this today but someone threw a chi ball at me so that was that

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