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Thread: Ultimate Glory - Holland - 20th May

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    Default Ultimate Glory - Holland - 20th May

    This is a great idea developed by Shooto Holland and Golden Glory. I think this is their 3rd show and they have been getting some good names on there.

    Watch out for them in the future and good luck to Martijn De Jong et all next weekend

    for more info go to

    Siyar Bahadurzada (Golden Glory, Deventer) vs Christos Petroutsos (Top Team Beverwijk)
    A -83kg

    Niek Tromp (Team Duncan, Utrecht) vs Grzegorz Tredowski (Beast of the East, Warsaw)
    A –76kg

    Gökhan Saki (Golden Glory, Schiedam) vs Peter Varga (Team Hardcore, Boedapest)
    B –100kg

    Augusto Frota (Frota Team, Zürich) vs Bogdan "Psycho" Christea (Kops, Amsterdam)
    B -70kg

    Marc Duncan (Team Duncan, Utrecht) vs Kuku Victor (Team Relex)
    B -70kg

    Raymond Jarman (B.A. Physical, Ede) vs Assan Njie (Stockholm)
    B –76kg

    Bastiaan Rejen (Tatsujin Dojo, Deventer) vs Arno Verbraak (V.C. de Groot, Bergen op Zoom)
    B –83kg

    Ahmed Bayrak (Team Karatas, Amersfoort) vs Jamie Saunders (Loek’s Gym)
    B -83kg

    Arman Soufi (Team Karatas, Amersfoort) vs Daniel "Bingo" Abrol (Chum Sut, Belfast)
    B - 70kg

    Azad Soufi (Team Karatas, Amersfoort) vs Ralf Schouten ( B.A. Physical, Ede)
    B -70kg

    Markus Halkosaari (Finnfighters Gym, Turku) Jimmy Mills (Pro Gym Fight Team, Mississippi)
    B –100kg

    Ewout Mundt (Tatsujin Dojo, Deventer) vs Stefan Kolik (Team Hardcore, Tsjechië)
    C+ +100kg

    Muay Thai
    Alistair Overeem ( Golden Glory ) vs Jürgen Dolch (Sylla Kick Boxing, Kempten)
    B -100kg

    Dion Staring (Golden Glory, Deventer) vs TBA
    C –100kg

    Matthieu Lawalata ( Budo Physical Ede ) vs Ramin Rezai ( Clyde van Dams )
    C 73 kg

    Geronimo de Groot ( Team Relex ) vs Douli (A.M. Gym)
    72 kg

    Mkitar Mkitarian ( Team Karatas ) vs Nicky Hemmes ( Team Dekkers )
    C 67kg

    Roy van Ruler ( Team Karatas ) vs TBA
    N 63kg

    Ricky Arifen ( Team Karatas ) vs TBA
    N 64kg

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    Looks good

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    Default re

    was thinking exactly the same thing !

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    Quote Originally Posted by marc goddard View Post
    was thinking exactly the same thing !
    yeah me too

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    You actually have to be awarded your "A Class" Shooto license by the Shooto commission direct.

    But i thought Frota already had his A class license as he fought Rumina Sato a few months back.

    Either way the Euro "elite" should be given their "A class" license out of respect especally as Frota promotes Shooto events in Europe

    But in ths case i think that "b class" means 2x5 min rounds, instead of 3x5.
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    sounds like sand bagging to me. I would have thought that as a European Shooto rep Frota could have sorted that out.

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    Frota should have his A class licence as i fought him with shooto A class rules in switzerland over the weekend!!

    The rules where amazing, they where allowing knees to the head whilst on the floor & heel hooks!!

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    Duncan and Staring are certainly A class worthy.

    And I would like to see Bahadurzada fight someone bigger.

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