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Thread: how can i put ON weight?

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    Default how can i put ON weight?

    since i can rememba i have always been 9 stone regardless of what i weight has neva been below 8st 12lbs and above 9st 4lbs in 10yrs.

    now i want to get to at least 10 stone but cant afford protien shakes, etc...

    i train about 8hrs a week but dont do any weights - only muay thai and BJJ - seems to improve the cardio but not helping with the weight.

    at the min my typical diet is...

    8.00 - bowl or two of muslei
    12.30 - 4 slices of bread, tuna & onion filling, 2 bags of crisps and 2 chocolate bars
    17.00 - two chicken sandwich's with lettuce OR chicken, potatoes, carrots and gravy
    21.00 - two eggs on two toast

    obviously this changes daily but essentially i eat a lot of bread, meat and potatoes and not much else.....

    ....i always thought bread, meat and potatoes were foods to avoid eating to much of when dieting so why the hell cant i put on weight?


    p.s. i have even attempted the macdonalds diet for a week but only succeeded in giving myself a face full of spots but STILL didnt put on the desired weight!

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    how old are you dude? I didn't put any weight on untill i get to early 20's. (I'm 32 and fat as fuck now!!)

    Easy tips, eat more food and start doing weights

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    Your not eating nearly enough, you wanna be looking at taking in at least 1.3grms of protein and 2grms of carbs per lb of body weight. 6 meals a day little and often pref every 3 hours. if you cant eat that many meals try adding a MRP or a weight Gain shake in with it. I was 8.5st less than 3 years ago managed to get up2 14st in 2 years know cut back too walking round @ 11.5st. Its hard work but if ya try hard enough you'll get there. Let me know how often you train etc I can try and advise you best i can.

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    PM me and I'll do you a diet mate. Let me know what time you get up, what hours you work and what breaks you have, when you train and what time you go to bed and I'll suggest a menu and meal plan.


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    and the muai thai and bjj is just cardio so you wont put weight on because the little food your putting in you will be burning off straight away

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    thx for the replies lads....

    ok im 27 yrs young (still look 17) and hate doing weights (so boring!).

    tomatohead - 8.5st to 11.5st is an impressive achievment in 2yrs if ur metabolism is anything like mine! really appreciate sum sort of diet guidance but can we avoid things like raw eggs and fish please? ;-)

    i am seriously surprised that im not eating enuff but realise the muay thai and BJJ aint gonna help me put on weight..

    stapes - i have sent u a pm...

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    God damned I envy you guys, poor me and MMAlien on our diets =(

    Eat shit loads of protein and chicken, try to exercise weights as much as possible, limit cardio to classes, don't do any extra running.

    I would say go for something like 3000 - 3500 calories a day.

    Breakfast would be

    1 Bowl of Muesli or Alpen
    3-4 whole eggs.

    Lunch would be

    Two x thick sliced whole meal turkey sandwiches, but ALOT of turkey in them.
    Banana & Apple

    Dinner would be

    300g-400g of steak
    Potatoes (lots)
    Peas / Green Beans

    Supper would be

    300g-400g Rice
    300g-400g of chicken
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    thx aplin!

    try to exercise weights as much as possible (should i do this b4 or after training?) :-(

    limit cardio to classes, don't do any extra running (i get from A-B on a bmx - did derby to notts y'day and i enjoy it - helps motivate me not to pick up a smoke again!) :-(

    I would say go for something like 3000 - 3500 calories a day (means nowt to me but the gf shud be able to help - sounds achievable tho) :-)


    3-4 whole eggs - does it matter if they are boiled, fried or poached?

    the rest of the diet sounds ok and pretty similar to what im eating at the min except id only have one evening meal!

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    again dont count calories count carbs and proteins calories count for shit imo.

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    all that I listed was pretty high in either complex carbs / proteins and low in fat though tomato.

    Weights you should do in the morning, 3 when you first start then build it up to 4-5 days a week.

    3000 - 3500, you will probably be doubling what you are eating, but just make sure you double it with things like whole wheat bread, meats, vegetables, etc, rather than choclates, etc... you wanna put on muscle mass rather than fat obviously.

    3-4 whole eggs - does it matter if they are boiled, fried or poached?
    NOT fried, I would go with boiled personally.

    Hope that helps, I am not expert, but a mate of mine did what you are trying to do and this is pretty much what he did
    "When you're not training; somebody else is training to kick your ass."
    Part of Team Savage. Trained by Alex 'The Boy' Owen:

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