I am keen to know what your thoughts are on how Brock Lesner will do in MMA.

My thoughts are as follows:

The bloke is a natural athlete and a more explosive athlete at his size and weight is going to be very difficult to find in a combat sport. We all know about his NCAA records so his takedowns and control will be top notch.

I believe his training regime is very intense and that he is one of these guys who just loves to train, like a few people on here no doubt. That should indicate that he won't gas too early*, even with that amount of muscle mass.*As long as he can control the adrenelin dump - strong use of "The Duck technique" for you Geoff Thompson fans :-)

His striking and submission games are where he is, IMO, most likely to fall down. He is fighting HMC as his first MMA contest who is no walk in the park. Even Jerome Le B gave him props for his striking. Can Lesner take a good shot? Well, I guess we will have to wait and see but one thing is for certain, he has got the physical attributes to do so (read here, "a huge noggin") Just like Cabbage and Hunt...

He has spent time training with MFS, where Miletich rated him very hightly and then spent some time with Royce Gracie. Recently I believe he has been training out of Sean Sherks gym in Minnesota. If he has the same work ethic as Sherk does, he will be full prepaired.

I am going to stick my neck out here and say that I believe he will become a real dominant force in MMA. I think he will be able to make 265 and therefore compete as a HW. I reckon he will have a double leg shot that very few will be able to defend and use the GnP stuff... I predict that he will lose one or two early matches by submission due to not being experienced enough to spot the set ups but as he gets better and better, he will become the biggest force in the MMA HW division.

Your thoughts?

Da muss