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Thread: MMA Clubs North Wales

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    Nah, it's cos the gogs interbreed too much......
    Thats right

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    i'm waiting for the north wales contingent to kick off....

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    Quote Originally Posted by perfect virus View Post
    i'm waiting for the north wales contingent to kick off....
    They tend to be a bit slower than us!!!

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    Thx for your input guys especially from the druids down south I`ll look into both Llangollen and porthmadog. Cheers again for your help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gavisace View Post
    Alright Guys,

    Does anyone know of any half decent MMA Clubs in the North Wales area? I live in Rhyl. I know that there was one called the Rabbit hutch (Vale tudo) in Wrexham but I`m not sure if it is still up and going. The wolfs Lair is only about an hour and a half drive away but I probably can`t afford the petrol. I`m not looking at being the next Chuck Liddell or Randy couture. I`m just looking at doing it on a fitness basis and maybe the odd Amateur scrap somewhere down the line.
    Your help would be greatly appreciated, my apologies if this sort of thread has been posted loads of times.

    Hi mate, good news, a mma gym is opening in Rhyl, ULTIMATE COMBAT ACADEMY, 57 wellington road to be exact, it should be open early october, and will boast over 30 bags, a custom made imported octagon from the states, several dojo's offering all the major martial arts, aswell as boxing.
    All shapes and sizes are welcome, beginners as well as veterans to the sport. Fully qualified instruction will be available, with a personal trainer on hand for one on one if need be. Thanks

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    Some of the people I train with were invited and went for a training session at Ruthin, the club is called Bushido freestyle kickboxing and mixed martial arts. Not spoke to anyone about what it was like yet. This is the facebook link;

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    Quote Originally Posted by NWUK View Post
    Rabbit Hutch is still up and running, they train on a Monday at llangollen leisure centre, and then Ashley Wilson teaches a wrestling class on a thursday at the newi in wrexham.
    I remember him beating my first coach Will Elworthy! He had skillzzz! One of the first fights I ever watched live in the UK (Cagewarriors- Southampton)

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    Gareth Roberts got a class in rugby club on mondays, russ williams new gym may start a class and i think ashley will b taking the class, both r in good nik as they av fights coming up

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    Danny Williams in Llandudno runs The Dragons Den - try him at

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