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Thread: MMA Clubs North Wales

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    i am for hire to do some seminars in wales.
    Insert whiny message

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    i am for hire to do some seminars in wales.
    we would have you visit any time duch my old mate

    us gwent valley boys are not included in your hatred for the welsh

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    Since mmaalien was going to put a bullet in me, i will have to viset wales one day and take care of that. Might combine ti with a seminar tour
    Insert whiny message

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    Its Paul here from Porthmadog. We dont really have sessions down here anymore as we have no instructors just the facilities. The dragon den in llandudno do have mma classes, aswell as good thai classes by eugene valerio, its located next to the police station in lllandudno, i also believe that russ williams is opening a new gym in the very near future that will also have mma classes i have been told. other than that you have gaz who run mma classes in time bangor uni hes a good instructor with fighting experience. or a very good juijitsu coach so im told in llandudno called richie dixon.

    Welsh Hating Cunt i am for hire to do some seminars in wales.

    were looking for people who can teach us things for seminars mate , thanks anyway
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    Default From Wales? please help

    I live in aberdare south wales and im looking to start training in mma or kickboxing. Im not really up for travelling to swansea or cardiff but im open to suggestions. also where can i watch mma events in south Wales? thanx alot.

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    UCA in Rhyl
    Or Asylum MMA in Colwyn Bay

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMAlien View Post
    Gog is short for gogledd, which is north in welsh. there is a rivalry! so much infact that the animated tv show gogs was made in south wales mocking people from north wales. fucking gogs!
    Typical fucking Hwntw. It is a joke that you lot even consider yourselves to be Welsh given that you hardly speak your own language. Your just a bunch of English wannabes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gavisace View Post
    Alright Guys,

    Does anyone know of any half decent MMA Clubs in the North Wales area? I live in Rhyl. I know that there was one called the Rabbit hutch (Vale tudo) in Wrexham but I`m not sure if it is still up and going. The wolfs Lair is only about an hour and a half drive away but I probably can`t afford the petrol. I`m not looking at being the next Chuck Liddell or Randy couture. I`m just looking at doing it on a fitness basis and maybe the odd Amateur scrap somewhere down the line.
    Your help would be greatly appreciated, my apologies if this sort of thread has been posted loads of times.

    Heavy hitters chester have a good boxing gym, I hear some guys go to train there for mma also.. you should check it out...

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    I believe theres a gym opening on Deeside Industrial Estate in the next month or so, not sure of the name or what zone its on Ill try to find out

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