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    Dear Friends,

    My name is Renato Migliaccio & I have recently returned from Renzos academy in New York where I was preparing for the ADCC’s with great competitors such as Roger Gracie, Braulio Estima & Barral. Then I went straight up to Michigan to train wrestling with the United States olimpic educational center and compete in El Salvador The Greco Roman wrestling Pan ams. I'm 28 years old & from Brazil with a sport's science degree, a BJJ black belt under Renzo & Ryan Gracie and a Judo black belt as well.

    I am hosting a BJJ Camp to be held in Guaruja (city) 40 minutes away from Sao Paulo City in August. The arriving dates will be august 2nd and departing at august 13th. .I intend to create a credible base in BJJ by having good basics in BJJ/Wrestling/Judo/ Gi & no Gi.

    I am lucky to have had success in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Wrestling/Judo/MMA and I have studied Boxing and Muay Thai and am looking forward to sharing my experiences.

    I have taught and trained extensively in England, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, & Cyprus.

    My curriculum is as follows:

    Jiu Jitsu:
    2005 European champion
    2004 Black Belt Champion United Gracie tournament (Super fight)
    2004 Black Belt Champion Grapplers quest beast of the East (Super fight)
    2004 Black Belt 3rd place Pan-American
    2003 Black Belt Champion Pan-American
    2002 Black Belt Champion Brazil
    2002 Black Belt > 3rd place ( Closed Bracket ) Mundials

    2004 Champion Southwest judo tournament (Arizona , Colorado , New Mexico, and Texas)
    1999 Champion Brazilian college Judo tournament

    Submission Wrestling:
    2007 ADCC competitor
    2004 ADCC Brazilian trial first round champion:
    2004 Champion Grapplers quest best of the East
    2003 Champion 1st Pan-American grappling Games
    2003 Champion 2nd US national grappling games.

    Record: 3-0-0
    15/10/05 Rings Ireland Reborn
    4/3/2004 MMA-Eruption8/3/2003 Champion King of the Cage 26-Gladiators Challenge

    2003 Freestyle second place at the Brazilian nationals
    2004 Greco Roman second place at the Brazilian nationals
    2005 Greco Roman first place at the Brazilian nationals

    Please don´t hesitate to ask me more questions.
    Best Regards

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    What is the price?
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    did u check the website?
    write me if u need,
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    i cant see a price unless im blind???
    give me your email address and i you let you know all the infos about te prices and Please Check some more Bjj/grappling camp's info at:

    Best Regards

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