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Thread: New Blue Belts at Carlson Tonbridge 302

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    Default New Blue Belts at Carlson Tonbridge 302

    What a day!!!!

    Wilson Jnr returned to Tonbridge today to take a class of 20 students, he AWARDED two senior white belts their brand spanking new Blue belts!!!!

    Dom Steer and Nick Langstaff have been at Tonbridge since it began in Feb 2006, having been involved in the scene for even longer.

    Their commitment, training and willingness to compete (along with the fact that they've been giving us Blue Belts a run for our money the last few months!) has been the catalyst for today!

    Wise words passed from Wilson to Nick and to Dom - and then a sound belt whipping was issued to the pair from everyone else!!!!!

    All those out there, that have been there and done that - It feels good - good to give a belt whipping - not only to give some back - but it reminds me of my first belt - and that Ladies and Gentleman - no matter who you are or what belt you get - its always a Special Day.

    Now if I wasnt such a fucking numpty with the computer - you'd get pictures - hopefully Muttley the computer freak will get some up the next day or two.


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    Well Done to Nick and Dom.

    They were a proper pain in the arse for the blue belts and showed fantastic technique and fighting spirit.

    The 302 Team is going from strength to strength and the Tonbridge club have become seriously hard core.

    I was very proud to be present when they were awarded their belts.

    Well done guys.


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    Congratulations to Nick and Dom, certainly deserved. I felt all giddy and happy for them so I tried to whip extra hard to compensate
    Shame they couldn't get their whipping at London but oh well.

    302 is certainly going places and I'd like to thank Simon and Wilson for teaching us yesterday.

    See you all tonight, ooooooossssss!


    oh and TTT for pics


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    Congratulations Dom & Nick (aka Gorbi) well earnt indeed.

    Another good day for 302 Team. OSS

    Check out these 302 Bad Boys!

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    Well done on the blue belts, it takes dedication and loads of hard work, congratulations.

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    damn that black belt looks huuuge in that first picture. who is it?

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    Wilson Cretaro Da Luz - aka Wilson Jnr

    for more pics and info on Wilson and the Clubs check these -

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    he is indeed a very very large man, the nicest scary man I have ever met


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    Well done guys, BJJ in Tonbridge going from strength to strength.

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