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Thread: New Brown Belt At 302 Bjj Revolution Team

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    Default New Brown Belt At 302 Bjj Revolution Team

    Congratulations to Wallid Tadjouri who was awarded his Brown Belt by Wilson Junior tonight.

    He was one of the founding members of our team and won every purple belt fight he had at Copa Bitteti 2006 in under a minute by submission.

    A very tough guy and a pleasure to have as a training partner and team mate.

    What a great night for our team.

    Simon@302 BJJ Revolution Team

    Pictures to follow.

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    cool... awesome acheivement. You boys are always tough tho.

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    Errrrr I ache all over and really should be in bed but I saw this post and had to reply. WOW what a night, there wasn't a single face that didn't have a huge cheesy grin when the class ended, my first ever visit to the Boiler Room and what an experience. Tonight will be my 6th lesson (5th yesterday) @ 302 (normally in Tonbridge) and also my 6th lesson of any martial art at all and I have been made to feel nothing but a member of the team.

    Being new I hadn't yet had the pleasure of meeting Wallid and during technique drilling I partnered up with another White Belt who was a very nice bloke and helped me with everything. Then he started showing some other white belts the techniques when they were having trouble also. Well that wasn't too unusual but he did it with a great deal of confidence and ease and it dawned on me that his JiuJitsu was very very good. Then I heard some of the others laughing with him about how he was cheating wearing that White Belt he must have found, it transpired I had been practicing with Wallid lol Luckily I didn't try to correct any of his technique
    He instantly struck me as a great guy and an awesome BJJ'er and this was reinforced when Wilson presented him whit his new Belt, by the sound of thing it was more than deserved.

    Congratulations to Wallid and thankyou to Wilson, Simon and Dickie and Wallid and gerally everone for a great night and for making me feel so at ease (on a sidenote I'll have to just thank 'everyone' from now on as there are too many great teachers and higher belts to name individually now )

    I can't express how proud I am to be a new member of such a great Team but I know that 302 BJJ Revolution will go from strength to strength.


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    I was there - not training, got a little niggle that needs to heal first - but WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!

    Im sure the pertnant people will make the appropriate thread but this rounded the night off for me - the others and of course Wallid.

    that Muttley fella no doubt will get you the pictures.

    42 people there tonight - an awe insiring begining!

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    Nice post Danny, yes tonight was another great night for the 302 Revolution Team, injuries aside a fantastic night. Great that Wallid got his brown belt & great to have Wilson back.

    A big thanks Dickie & Simon for sorting tonights training out, this is the start of the 302 Revolution, belt whipping & all!!


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    Default Walid

    Congratulations to Walid, excellent Jiu Jitsu and a fantastic guy.

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    Well done to Wallid. He was the first person to tap me at Carlson Gracie and then taped me at least 3 or 4 times everytime we sparred since then.

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    OOOOSSSSSS Denis-You have mail my brother!

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