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Thread: Judo Groundwork Resources

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    Default Judo Groundwork Resources

    A good freind of mine in the states has got into Judo. He's got himself placed 2nd and 3rd in some state competitions this year. He's a friend from my TMA days and is a very good martial artist with well earned dan grades in TKD and a couple of different traditional ju jitsu ryus (he's older than me - ie anceint - and has been training for years). It's what he is into for sport and he's good at it.

    He's complaining that his judo bouts have been won on throws (thought that was the best way to win in judo!) and that his groundwork needs work. I can reccomend a lot of no gi grappling instructionals but I'm not familiar with gi based instructionals. Is anyone out there able to reccomend some gi based grappling instructionals focussing on groundwork rather than takedowns?


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    BJJ? This should do the trick.

    when i did Judo a few years back the club i went spent an equal amont of time on the ground as they do on the floor. I dont think this is the case anymore which is a real shame. Maybe some BJJ on top of his judo, so some BJJ resources?

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    Yup! Name some?

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    I don't know any as i don't train gi judo anymore and i've just read your post and realised what the question was. Duh

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    mike swain's ne-wazza dvd's would be very helpful

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    I train judo and trad jujitsu. Try They are a judo site and have loads of books and dvds. I recommend the Ippon series of books and the DVD with Adams and Briggs. Also try , Billy does a good DVD of a seminar in Germany. There's some good groundwork on that. Hope that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tritaffy View Post
    I train judo and trad jujitsu.

    You must be fucking lethal then with all your wrist locks and evil nerve shit

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    Hiya Rach

    The Karo Parysian Judo for MMA is no gi but the subs work equally as well with Gi

    Mike Swain
    Igor Yakimovs Russian judo
    Alan Goes mission submission (GI) and Kimono attacks from the Top
    Marcelo Garcia gi instructional (theres loads of good uns from MG)

    I may know someone who can get these of a certain site so tell your mate not to buy them!!

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    Dave Camarillo Guerilla Jiu-Jitsu

    if he is a judoka he will know the name

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