Great Britain Grappling Team
Post from Ebe
Firstly .thanks to JSHO and Fighting Photographer for their help on forums; irrespective of their personal views with respect to the future/way forward for Grappling at an International level, they have posted the info.
Thanking you in advance for taking the time to read this post. This information is offered in the spirit of success for all.
Update of what is happening in USA
In the short time available, the aim is to create a Great Britain Grappling team to compete in the First World Grappling Games (based purely on ability). Rules do not always sit well with everyone, but the beauty of submissions is that it reduces the requirement for points to decide an outcome. Whoever wins the most bouts in their pool has a strong chance of going .The FILA appointed World Grappling Committee have assured me that the authority for participation licences etc will be forthcoming shortly.

(Summarised rule guide below)

For all its reported short comings of FILA the umbrella body, the Grappling Committee has made progress. Unfortunately, there will always be politics ie more concern about controlling rather than developing the international profile of the sport.

Why involved

For the last 40 years I have had a passion for grappling/combat arts and those who know me know that I still enjoy competing . I have competed alongside many forum members.

I have had the honour to represent official Great Britain Teams at various levels in combat sports the highlight being the Olympic Games ( TKD ,1988) As a victim in the past of bull sh*t selection processes etc , hopefully I will be aware of the political minefields with respect to the fair selection of a team and team dynamics

The aim will be to open the Trials to every style and anyone who feels they can succeed in the trials .Please note that selected team members must have a valid British passport .

I have been aware of the desire the concept a year ago at a seminar, having met, done courses with and interviewed some of the World Grappling Committee members, I do feel a little more confident than I did a year ago about their intentions, of course they will be slated sometimes but I believe that their desire to move grappling forward is genuine. The Committee have been involved in grappling arts at the very highest level; ex Olympic Competitors Wrestling coaches of major MMA athletes(Randy Couture etc).

I have the honour of being asked to get the ball rolling in the UK; proof of support and authority (written) will be posted shortly.

More on their profiles and a report on the seminars will be done this weekend
Please let the top grapplers you know at your club know about the Trials, the response has been good already. Invariably there will be those who will subtlety try to discredit the process etc.. but that’s life.

Hope to see you in July. and wish you the best of luck and good training. please do not hesitate get in touch, to register your interest for the Trials .Should you require further info with respect to rules please bear with me for a few days while I put together a FAQ and try and post some videos

Ebe Ghansah
Age 48
Many years Govt Service now teach grappling mainly to children as an “Afterschool Programme”( when not grappling, Financial Analysis mainly in Asian Markets)
Started trained Thai and Korean Arts in the early 70s, Attended then called Korea Yudo college in my trips to Korea to study Korean Martial Arts Judo and Wrestling in the 80s.
Competed in Muay Thai/Judo/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at International events and Sambo and Boxing at national events, competed in amateur MMA (headshots events), freestyle wrestling events in Korea .
Great Britain team member at 3 World and 3 European Championships and Olympics TKD, .Attended various Judo/Wrestling/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Sambo/FILA Grappling referee courses/seminar.