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Thread: my 1st mma fight video

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    Default my 1st mma fight video

    hey guys this is my 1st fight that took place at total combat 20 june the second im the guy in the orange keep in mind when watching this i aint been doing this long. the rules for this fight are that there are no head shots allowed standing or on the ground. my next fight is september 22nd. i hope you enjoy the vid

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    nice slams.

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    thanks mate ill do better next time the exitment of the fight got to me a little i should have seen the triangle coming a mile away im pretty sure had there been head shots on the ground allowed he would have been in trouble but that wasnt the case alex has sick skills on the ground and beat me. ill come back stronger as a result tho

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    thought you looked good mate
    some excellent slams. similar approach to Mick Renne and hollywood
    could you have pushed that pace for 15 mins?

    unlucky with the triangle...the lad had some good submissions
    think i've heard your nickname somewhere before tho......

    good luck with the next fight!

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    yes mate i could have kept up the pace for 2 rounds no probs i trained like a madman for the fight. vlee is my nickname my mates call me my fight name is war machine

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    oh, was it only a 2 round fight?
    war machine, war machine....sounds familiar

    where in bradford you from?

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    Good stuff , shitty rules though in my opinion. You look strong as hell

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    good first fight man, we all gotta start somewhere and no matter how hard you train, and how much you spar it always feels a bit different when all of a sudden you're saturday night entertainment!

    All the best for the future.

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    cheers i dont think ill be fghting under these rules mutch you have to hold back alot when you cant attack to the face. he was not in a million years gonna take me to the ground so the fight allways was in hs favour as he was on his back and when in hs guard i was unable to do as mutch damage as a would have been able to had it been pro rules

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    Not just trying 2 defend alex because he's my mate here but you keep saying if it was pro rules this if it was pro rules that etc.

    End of the day it wasnt pro rules, and if it was the quality of the fighter wud have been alot better.

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